Thursday, 16 November 2017

Today It Is All About Gifts

I had a meeting yesterday morning with the Mayor of our city. We chatted about OurRebekah and Radio Secklow 105.5. Mayor David and his wife Susan gave me a gift which I am here wearing, a Milton Keynes tie. The picture isn't the best in the world but you can make out the tie is a map of our city.

You will find me wearing that tie with pride on as many occasions as I possibly can.

Last night I popped the pic on Facebook and note this morning twenty-one people have liked it.

I have lost count of the number of Secret Santa gifts that are currently in Santa's sack. Yesterday another 

THIRTY-ONE came in. Santa you are going to need another sleigh, a bigger one

Shares in SELLOTAPE have soared following the number of rolls I am buying to wrap up all of these gifts of love.

Morrissons share price spiked a little yesterday as I got the gifts for tomorrow at Hillsborough.

For the Wednesday Boys OurRebekah has four bottles of Champagne and two football cakes. There are another two cakes for the visiting team from Bristol.  Each of the match officials has a giant package of Lindor chocolates. Club Director, Trevor, well I am not going to tell you what we have ready for him - just in case Trevor happens to read today's blog.

Oh what the heck !  Trevor we have a souvenir from the 1966 World Cup for you.

Tomorrow is all about making a gift of 7" vinyl singles of the club's two adopted anthems:

Singing The Blues and Hi Ho Silver Lining.

If you have not yet added your voice to the singing of these two inspiring anthems CLICK HERE and sponsor the goals the boys score for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Sponsorship stands at £100 per goal, wouldn't it be great if we could lift that to a new higher figure and then for the boys to hammer home many goals tomorrow.

Waiting in the club shop at Hillsborough is a Sheffield Wednesday scarf. It has become a tradition for me, when I watch a game, to buy a scarf then send this to Ronald McDonald Birmingham to give to a family. I always wear the scarf during the game.

I have just checked out the weather forecast for Sheffield tomorrow. It is going to be COLD. I have, therefore, decided I will buy not one but three scarfs and wear them all.  When I then go to Birmingham on Monday I will give one to each of the Ronald McDonald Houses represented there: Birmingham, Alder Hey - Liverpool and Bristol.

Will I also wear my Milton Keynes tie ?  YOU BET I WILL.

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