Friday, 24 November 2017

This is going to be a factacsic day ! (Part Two)

Yesterday the blog pulled just 73 readers. Not very good. The reason for that is simply because it was late being published - almost nine o'clock instead of its usual 5am.  Many people tend to check it out first thing before they start their day.

I am, therefore, keeping it here for Saturday as I would like many more people to read what I am sharing.  I am spending today in Bristol visiting family. Bristol - you  know the graffiti capital of the world !  I'll be back tomorrow with a new blog entry.   For now I will keep this edition at the front for all who missed it. HAVE A SUPER DAY EVERYONE.

This is going to be a fantastic day so let's turn up the volume and get ready to dance.

Yesterday's blog attracted 117 visitors, today will have even more. I just know it.

It is 6.42am and I am only just starting to write the blog. No I have not been lazy and been in bed. I was up at my usual time of 4am.

I have been out to meet a LEONITE, a former student Paul who begins his day, every day, at 2am !

Let me play a beautiful piece of music for Paul and indeed for everyone reading this blog. This is one of my all-time favourites.

Paul runs D E Turney Bakery with shops in Bletchley and Newport Pagnell.  LEONITES do you remember how my lunch always came from the Bletchley shop ?

Turney's dates back to 1848 and is an icon in our local community. 1848 is before Paul's time and even before my time !

Paul was busy this morning baking bread, cakes and something extra special not only for his own two shops but for a number of village shops in the community roundabout Milton Keynes.

We had a great time chatting, I have been meaning to visit one of Paul's shops for ages. Now I know he sells that extra special delicacy I can assure everyone that I will be a regular customer.

What is that special delicacy ?  You will have to wait until later in the blog. I 'll tell you then !

Paul has given me a collection LP records. Reading the blog he has learned of my love for vinyl. Among the collection there are some amazing records. I have just listened to The Bee Gees and am now listening to The Seekers. You know how vinyl crackles a bit ?  These records play as if hey were brand new.  Paul I promise you I will love this collection every bit as much as your relative did.

Later today Tony from Secklow Radio 105.5 is coming by to look at my new disco equipment. I will show him this wonderful collection of albums with a glowing pride.

LEONITES - Leon Disco.........

There are two former members of our disco team I have been trying for a while to track down. Before heading out to meet Paul one of these two actually contacted me on Facebook. Peter, do you remember how we used to hide your Sex Pistols collection of singles ?  Allow me to play this for you.

Do you recognise this picture ?  Of course you do. Taken at the OurRebekah Frog Challenge this is the most viewed and liked of all images in our area on Google Reviews.

Yesterday Mayor David's PA sent me an update of his diary for the coming weeks. I thought
I was a busy man, I thought I got out of bed early. Paul is half way through his morning when I awake, I wonder with a diary like he has if Mayor David Hopkins ever finds time to sleep.

Wrigglies Exotic Pets in Old Stratford hosted our Frog Challenge. On Saturday 16th December this incredible little shop is celebrating its third birthday. OurRebekah is providing the birthday cakes for the party while I will be running the disco.

Mayor David, who shares the same musical tastes as I do, will be spinning some discs and taking the DJ's microphone.

From the days of Leon Disco I am in contact with Paul, not the same Paul from the bakery, Mark - he was the sensible one in our team and John. It's a bit far for John to come to the Wrigglies disco, he lives in Portland Oregon where he owns and runs the areas's number one radio station.

I know I am supposed to be promoting SECKLOW 105.5 but do check out LEONITE John's station. It's a bit special.

I have this idea.........

Paul, Mark and now Peter who contacted me on Facebook this morning I wondered if you would like to come along and spin some discs for old times sake at that Wriggles party.

Peter when you contacted me I obviously looked at your Facebook profile. There is something special I have been trying to source for ages. Now I find you are managing director of a company that makes EXACTLY what I want. We need to talk !

Paul, Mark, John, Peter I am going to tell you something I will be explaining with a little embarrassment to Tony from Secklow radio 105.5 later today.

When I watched Tony in the studio I thought I could never master the modern technology he was using. Vinyl I could cope with, computerised cue and play I would never master. I got a superb twin deck and am building up my vinyl collection.

However, I also got a modern computer deck to back it up.

AH !

As I have been playing with both systems to run the speakers in I have found the modern equipment a lot easier to work with !

Another time and place I will be playing the music is on Saturday 7th April at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th birthday party. ANOTHER Leonite got me into this. Rachel who is one of the centres trustees. YES, Mayor David will be there and no doubt spinning the discs. I rather think that David and his wife Susan will be leading the dancing. Milton Keynes should be proud of our Mayor and Mayoress.

One event where The Geriatric DJ will be on his own, playing music non-stop for NINE hours will be on Saturday 7th January 2018 in the entrance of Asda Supermarket, the biggest supermarket in our city.

On that day Asda is launching it next round of Green Token. Three charities take part, the winner gets £500 and the two runners up receive £200 each.

The music will be played to celebrate Asda's community involvement, greater than all the other supermarkets in the area put together, and the three good causes joining the green tokens for January, February and March.

OurRebekah is one of the three with Medical Dogs and a breast cancer support project being the other two. The disco and the  music will be supporting and promoting all three. 

I have a 1970's costume with a hippie shirt and flare trousers to wear. I have even ordered a wig. I already have a pair of Travolta Shades.

I wondered if any of my LEONITE friends, particularly the disco mob, would like to come along and help me.  Fortunately MK Dons, whose stadium is next door, are playing away that day so we will not have to worry about the sound disrupting their play and drowning the cheers of the crowd.

I'd like to see any disco deck drown out the crowd at Sheffield Wednesday !

Club Director Trevor contacted me yesterday to ask which match-day programme I wanted my little write up to appear in. He had asked me to write the text to accompany the OurRebekah photograph taken on the pitch last Saturday.

This morning I will chat with Gary about which match we can get up to. Through the Brumie Owls project within OurRebekah we sponsor the goals the boys score for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

When Trevor saw me wearing my silly hat on Saturday he said I looked like a season supporter.

I do not get to Hillsborough anywhere near as much as I should. I have this idea to develop Brummie Owls in the New Year by taking friends, LEONITES and others to watch a game. How about you coming ?

This is the text I have written for the programme: 

There is more to a football team than two goal posts and a piece of grass between them.  Wednesday fans will understand this. In recognition of being a happy, friendly club The Brummie Owls presented Sheffield Wednesday with two vinyl singles of the adopted anthems we all sing at Hillsborough.  Sing them with pride at every game.

Sheffield Wednesday is a community club. No matter who you support I promise you if I take you to Hillsborough you will fall in love with the atmosphere there.

Yesterday I chatted on the phone with Libby, the house manager of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham who The Brummie Owls sponsorship supports. The house is known as The House That Love Built but I call it The Mansion Of Love.

Sheffield Wednesday has two adopted anthems. The first the fans sing at the start of every game is Hi Ho Silver Lining. I have nicked that and made it HI HO HOUSE THAT LOVE BUILT.

One of my books, Dickie Williams, has its central character as a football star and at the same time a pop singer. Carefully stage managed but made to look spontaneous, at the end of a game Dickie grabs the pitch announcer's microphone and launches into a post match
pop concert.

No, Trevor, I will not be nicking your pitch announcer's microphone to play music  but I wouldn't mind some time being in the DJ's box when you play SINGING THE BLUES.

Three of my books are being republished in a project for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. The longest I am still working on, I have about another ten thousand words to write.

The Bridge House is semi-biographical and semi-fiction centred round the life and times of my grandmother, Lily. She was born in 1890 and died in 1984. 

We have reached the point in the story where I am born.

When I was a student Lily, my Nan, used to give me bread pudding to take to the hall of residence as a treat. Nobody, but nobody could make bread pudding like my Nan ! (Or could they ?)

Bread pudding is a recurring theme throughout The Bridge House story.

Paul, that special product I saw in your bakery this morning was BREAD PUDDING.  You probably need to up your production levels as I will be a regular visitor and customer for Turney's Bread Pudding.   I have a suspicion it will be better than even my Nan's !

I am going to write your bakery into The Bridge House as I develop the bread pudding theme !

It's 8.41am and I am bringing the blog to its close. VERY LATE TODAY. I'll go back and check the text for the typo's then click to publish it.

So what piece of music am I going to use to play out ?

Let me think.

Ah how about this ?

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