Thursday, 30 November 2017

On A Mission

Yes, I am on a mission this morning this morning.

It's 3.30am. In three hours I will be packing the boot of the car with some bits and pieces I picked carefully from the shop shelves yesterday. I will then drive to Little Houghgton Day Nursery near Northampton where I will hand the items over for the nursery's Christmas Raffle.

The lovely people at the nursery are organising the raffle in Rebekah's memory to support Ronald McDonald House. Beck worked at Little Houghton and loved her time there.

THANK YOU everyone at Little Houghton.

Today is 1st December - the first day of ADVENT so we have opened the first window on OurRebekah's Advent Calendar.

If you like the music go to OurRebekah's Just Giving Page and pop £2 in to support the work of Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

So let's play what's behind today's window.

Tomorrow we will open a new window.

Three o'clock tomorrow afternoon the boys at Hillsborough kick off against Hull City. I am working to completely update our website and have just finished the Sheffield Wednesday pages so become a BRUMIE OWL for the day and sponsor the goals the boys score for Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Unfortunately I will not be there, I am involved with Secklow Radio in the turning on of Christmas Lights at Stony Stratford. The weather forecast is COLD - mega cold. I am sure it will be a good event but I would not mind
swapping it for the warmth of a seat at Hillsborough !

In a bit I will e-mail the club to wish everyone well for tomorrow.

I have just searched YouTube to see if there is a Christmas version of Singing The Blues

There isn't one. 

I did not realise that Paul McCartney sang the song - it was rubbish ! Cliff and The Shaddows had their version, a bit better than Paul's..............................

Nah ! There is only one group of people who can sing this song properly - here they are !

Become a BRUMMIE OWL for tomorrow's game and sing along with them.

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