Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I was a good day but Santa is disappointed

I had a good day yesterday, I achieved a lot but Santa is feeling a bit sad.

Yesterday the blog achieved just 123 readers, down on the previous two days. Santa is feeling a bit sad with that, he has not found his Little Helpers to deliver the gifts to Birmingham later this month.

If you did not read yesterday's blog please check it out.

See if you can help Santa and put a smile on his face.

I drove up to Wrigglies Exotioc Pets yesterday afternoon to check with Manager Ro plans for the event on Saturday 16th December. Ro and Wrigglies Exotic Pets, of course, hosted our Frog Challenge back at the end of September. 

I really have so much respect for Ro, he is a young man with a passion for animals and a passion to educate us all about them.

Saturday 16th December is Wrigglies Birthday Party.  From 9am to 5pm Secklow Radio Roadshow will be playing party music. OurRebekah is providing the cakes.

Mayor David and Mayoress Susan are coming. Put the date in your diary and pop by. 

WRIGGLIES EXOTIC PETS Bears Watering, Towcester Road, Milton Keynes MK19 6BD

Today is my granddaughter Katherine's birthday. It will soon be Ro's own birthday ahead of the shop's birthday. Let's play something for them all.

I think I will download that and add it to the playlist for Saturday 16th December.

Scott, the Operations Manager for The National Trust at Stowe called me yesterday to say THANKS for the piece Tony ran on Secklow Radio last week.

He shared the link with all of his 450 staff members. Hey Tony that added a bit to your audience figures.

The day before I popped the clip on the Sheffield Wednesday Fans Facebook page. Goodness knows how many people listened from there.

Have you heard it ?  Well here it is again.

I spent a lot of time yesterday organising playlists for the Secklow Radio Roadshow. I think I may be 5% of the way through the task. I want to make Red River Rock by Johnny and The Hurricanes the theme tune. Last week I paid out to buy a CD of the group's music. Within the CD there was this.

I want to play it here for Little Houghton Day Nursery.  Yesterday I received a lovely e-mail from the Nursery telling me how friends there were organising a Christmas Raffle in Beck's memory for Ronald McDonald House.  Rebekah worked at the nursery and just loved her time there.

I am busy rewriting the OurRebekah website. The site has this logo on every page.

Rebekah was always known as Little Miss Sunshine.  I find it very hard to listen to the You Are My Sunshine song but I love the Johnny And The Hurricanes version so for everyone at Little Houghton Day Nursery I am playing it on the blog today just for you. I am playing it with love from Beck.

As I sit writing today's blog, it is now 4.31am, there are beautiful coloured lights swimming about the room. Yesterday, visiting the garden centre up the road from Wrigglies Maureen and I got a plug in light bulb that generates these lovely colours and patterns. Actually we got two.

Maureen has decided, and who am I to disagree, that I am to go back there first thing this morning and buy another SIX. We can then fill the roadshow with an amazing cascade of colour.

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 12 noon these lights will be flooding the West Bletchley Community Centre's Christmas Charity Shop as I test the roadshow's sound equipment.

If you are around pop in and say HI. The shop is in the community centre at the back of Whaddon Way Shops.

Groups using the centre have contributed so many, many gifts for Santa's Sleigh. Santa is looking for helpers to deliver the gifts. Yeh, you know that don't you !

Yesterday Amazon delivered a disco snow machine and today a bubble machine will be here. I rather think the little charity shop will be transformed when I descend upon it next week.

Yesterday was a good day, Santa may not agree with me. For two days running I cleared, almost, my doings list. Today, however, that doings list is three times the normal size. Let's see how I get on !

Tomorrow we open the first window in OurRebekah's advent calendar. Let's play out with the introduction to the calendar. Speak again tomorrow.  

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