Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I hate Microsoft !

If you detest Microsoft as much as I do please should and scream as loudly  as  I am !

Yesterday evening Microsoft, YET AGAIN, hijacked my laptop with its sad, pathetic and totally unnecessary downgrading updates. I had loads of work to do but was forced to give it all up while the geeks from Microrubbish disabled my keyboard.

Consequently I missed Frank Scarito adding this picture to my Facebook timeline. NOT the Microsoft thingy but the My  Inspiration notice.  Hey Frank, can we re-record the interview so I can tell the world how totally uninspiring Microsoft is !

So Frank's interview of the silly old man goes out on Secklow 105.5 at 11am today then is repeated at 4pm on Monday after which it can be listened to on-demand.

You can find Secklow 105 .5 on FM or on-line at

I am not going to be able to hear the show myself this morning as I have a meeting with Mayor David Hopkins to chat about Secklow 105.5. Then on Monday I will be in Birmingham for a big OurRebekah meeting with teams from three Ronald McDonald Houses - Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. I am going to have to wait until the On Demand feature becomes available.

Over the past six months I have been privileged through OurRebekah to meet some very special and inspiring people.  People I consider it an honour to know. With my involvement now as Audience Development Manager at Secklow 105.5 the number of special people passing through my life has increased. NO, the geeks at Microsoft are not part of their number !

Yesterday I wandered into the charity shop at West Bletchley Community Centre. Just look at the lovely display the ladies have put up.  I just had to go home, grab my camera then go back to take some pictures.

Well done ! I thought what you have done was really special. It was inspirational.

Gifts for Secret Santa continue to pour in. If you do not know what Secret Santa is watch the video below and visit

I think that Santa's Sack is about half full.

It will soon be time for me to recruit the elves to come with me to Birmingham, Bristol and Alder Hey Liverpool to deliver these gifts.

Would you like to come ?

I will, I promise, update the Santa website as soon as I can.  Today is a busy day - three meetings. Tomorrow - busy day. Tony and Frank from Secklow 105.5 are coming with me to Stowe National Trust. Saturday - WELL SATURDAY - six of us will be on the terraces of Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough Football Ground.

In the short time that OurRebekah has been operational supporting Ronald McDonald Houses we have had some fantastic and inspiring times. Saturday 18th November 2018 at  Hillsborough, Sheffield, will soon be part of our proud list.

Morrissons Supermarkets donated cakes for both Sheffield Wednesday and the visiting team Bristol City.  Yesterday I got the champagne for the boys in blue.  Today I am going to buy a few more bits and pieces to pop in the boot of the car as gifts for different friends in Sheffield.

Sorry, but I am going to have to play this from YouTube YET AGAIN !

I was a very, very good boy yesterday. In the post Frank put on my Facebook Timeline he wrote.

Tune in to Secklow FM 105.5 tomorrow at 11am to hear me interview the inspirational David
Ashford. David is a writer and former Teacher/Head of Year. What has inspired him in his life? Find out by listening in.

Writer ?

I am having to really discipline myself to write something every day. Yesterday I scribbled a few hundred words for the chapter I am working on for my latest book The Bridge House.

Lily decides that new new grandson, me, does not like music. In the story my father gives Lily a copy of the song that was number one in the charts on the day I was born. As well as in the story my Dad in real life used to sing the song to me.

I did not like that song when I was an infant and I really do not like it now, sixty-seven years later.  But Nan, Lily, you could not be more wrong.  Your grandson grew up to LOVE music, I became someone who can not live without it.

I am busy making a CD of songs to play as we all drive up to Sheffield on Saturday. Secklow Radio's Tony Ingeldow will be in the car heading with us up the M1 to Sheffield. He calls one of the shows he presents TIME TUNNEL.  When I listen to music I am transported back in time.

Frank asked me what was my most inspirational piece of music.  I did not hesitate - BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER. I am going to bring that song into The Bridge House story but probably not in the way readers will expect.  The sixty thousand words I have so far written will all suddenly take on an entirely new meaning in the last few pages of the book.

So let me play out today's blog with Bridge Over Troubled Water, the greatest piece of music ever written.

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