Saturday, 21 October 2017

You'll NEVER walk alone

As you read today's blog I want you to CLICK HERE and listen to Gerry And The Pacemakers 1963 hit YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.  When it comes to an end CLICK AGAIN and keep listening all the way to the end of the blog.

The original song comes not from 1963 and Gerry And The Pacemakers but from the 1945 Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel but it is, of course, the 1963 version everyone remembers.

When supporters of Liverpool FC walk into Anfield to watch their team play how many were actually born in 1963 yet this beautiful song is so familiar to them as the club's anthem.

Three miles from the football ground is Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey.

You are still listening to the song aren't you ?

Was that a YES I heard you say ?   CLICK HERE

Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey in Liverpool is the largest Ronald McDonald House in Europe. Every night it accommodates 84 families a night.

For every family, every night the house's message is YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE - we are here to help, support and love you. A family in Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey will never have to walk through the difficult time of having a child sick in hospital alone.

Yesterday I received a letter from Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey. That letter and the Gerry And The Pacemakers Song have been at the front of my mind ever singe Postie popped the envelope into my letterbox.

Still listening ?   CLICK HERE  Immediately I wrote a reply, I did not have any stamps in the house so got in the car, went to the post office to make sure my reply is at the house for Monday morning. I have asked if I can drive up to Liverpool and visit Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey. I am hoping I will be able to go there as soon as possible. As I drive up the M6 Gerry And The Pacemakers will be playing on the car CD.

On my doings list for Monday is to cancel our Three Peaks Challenge. IS now needs to change to WAS. I do not want to cancel The Three Peaks Challenge, instead I want to make it an Alder Hey project and gift from OurRebeksh. That letter from Alder Hey mentioned our Three Peaks Challenge and asked how the house could help. If the letter had arrived on Tuesday there would have been no challenge to help with. Do you not think Destiny had something to do with the timing ?

It has been hard to recruit the team, while we do have friends up for the challenge we do not have enough to make it happen. I want to put it to Alder Hey House that we step back, rethink and start again. Let's set a date in July 2018 and make it happen. Let's make this an amazing event raising lots and lots and lots of support for the biggest Ronald McDonald House in Europe. Let's play Gerry And The Pacemakers singing You'll Never Walk Alone at the top of every mountain.

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