Friday, 20 October 2017

Which football team do you support ?

Which football team do you support ?

England gave the world Football, it is the English game so may I suggest that everyone should support a team.

English national football, of course, has been rubbish ever since the summer of 1966 but club football remains fun.

As a teenager I was a Villa fan - you know ASTON VANILLA THE TEAM  EVERYONE  LICKS !

It has been such a long time since I was at Villa Park, I plan to go back one day to watch Sheffield Wednesday THRASH the Villa.

Yes I am an OWL, a Sheffield Wednesday fan these days.

At 3pm today Sheffield kick off against Derby County at Pride Park Stadium, in my day The Rams played at The Baseball Ground. Every goal Wednesday score is sponsored for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

I love going to Hillsborough, I love the atmosphere and I love the way the club relates to its fans. In the middle of the, what was called in my day, the second division aka The Championship I wonder if being in the first division aka The Premiership would lose all of this.

Yeh I keep playing these video clips !

The two 7" vinyl singles of the club's adopted anthems have now come back from the framing company. On Saturday 18th November we will be handing the gift over to the club.

That day we will officially launch THE BRUMMIE OWLS and start taking the goal sponsorship for Sheffield to a higher level.

I want to find FIFTY people who will become Brummie Owls to sponsor every goal Wednesday score for £2. That would mean Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham aka The Mansion of Love will receive £100 for every goal scored.

It does not matter which football club you support, you can make Wednesday your second club, become a Brummie Owl and help Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Sheffield Wednesaday = OWLS
Birmingham = BRUMMIE

Yeh, the goals being scored today are being sponsored but the sponsorship is not that big. I am going to make a PROMISE here, a promise to Sheffield Wednesday and to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham that on Saturday 18th November every goal scored will be worth £100.

Will you help me keep my promise. BECOME A BRUMMIE OWL FOR THE DAY.

CLICK HERE NOW and sign up

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