Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What is your favourite Christmas Carol ?

Yesterday the blog attracted 173 readers. That's good.

When people see the title of today's edition I wonder how many will skip by and not bother to open the page.

I want to ask you a question......


WHAT I can hear people screaming. It's mid-October and he is talking about Christmas !

There are actually still 67 days to Christmas.

So what is your favourite Christmas Carol ?

I have two. This is my first:

That is beautiful isn't it ? A beautiful song sing in a beautiful way by  Sinead O'Connor.

Then in complete contrast I do so much like this.

That particular video has achieved  37,809,723 views on YouTube. Sinead O'Connor has achieved but a fraction of that number with 239,823.

Yesterday I put something on YouTube. It has achieved TWO views !

PLEASE take a moment to watch it. PLEASE.

Wednesday 18th October. The retail industry declared Christmas weeks ago. Don't know about you but I disapprove of that. One of my Facebook friends posted this yesterday.

Under normal circumstances I could not agree more !

The commercialisation of Christmas has take sop much of the love away from Christmas. I am not a religious person but I do think the LOVE Christmas brings is important. A time of peace and good will to all men.

I am always going on about Love and am not ashamed to be doing so.  Yesterday I spoke about The Summer of Love. Today I am speaking about THE CHRISTMAS OF LOVE.

Would you please help Christmas 2017 THE CHRISTMAS OF LOVE ?

Watch that video again then go to www.or-santa.co.uk 

THANK YOU.............

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