Sunday, 1 October 2017

So called MARKETING EXPERTS are nothing but FOOLS !

Many times yesterday I received e-mails from Facebook telling me that the number of people visiting my page, liking posts and leaving comments put me in the top 1% of activity across the entuire network.

Very nice - THANK YOU.

The messages then went on to invite me to hand over money in order to boost those numbers.

DOH ! 

Why would I want to do
that ?  Surely such marketing should be directed to the bottom 1% not the top 1%. 


The Wave of Love - this blog, achieved a readership of 217 people yesterday.

Just look at the reader numbers we have achieved since starting this blog.

The OurRebekah website has during the short time we have been online had visitors from 156 different towns and countries in 22 different countries of the world.

Can you tell me why we need some sad, pathetic marketing expert to work with us ?

Yesterday we had FIVE people support our JustGiving page - FIVE. The money from Saturday still has to be banked then credited.

I don't think we need a marketing  expert, do you ?

I received a spam telephone call a couple of weeks ago offering to help MARKET the website. When I told the caller I do not accept spam calls he replied he was not a spammer but a marketing consultant.

Obscenity laws forbid me from typing here what I said to him. I do not think he will call me again.

If you need to market what you are doing it means you need a cowman to round up the cash cows for you. Once you have milked them for all you can get you send them off to the abattoir. 

That's right isn't it ?

Facebook went crazy yesterday, the bog set a new daily record all because Saturday's Frog Challenge was such a brilliant success.

Why  was  it  a success ?  

I have now put on line the pictures that were taken on Saturday, there are 177 of them. CLICK HERE and check them out.

I defy you to find a single person in any of those pictures who is not having a good time.  I defy you to find a cash cow anywhere.

We do not need any marketing cowman as we do not want cash cows.

Yesterday our adopted football team THE OWLS of Sheffield Wednesday beat THE FROGS of Leeds United 3 - 0.

The moment the final whistle blew I sent an e-mail of congratulations to club director Trevor. I can GUARANTEE as soon as he picks that up this morning he will reply.
Trevor does not call himself the club's marketing director but Communications Director.

When it comes to communicating Trevor is a world expert.

The last thing we need within what we are doing is a cash cow marketing herdsman but what we do need is to emulate Sheffield Wednesday's Communications Director.

On Saturday we communicated with so many people, from young Tyler running the Adopt A Dinosaur table to Ro enthusing people with his love for animals we COMMUNICATED.

Why did so many people support our Just Giving page ?  Why did the blog set a new daily record ?  Why was Facebook going into orbit ?

Because we were talking to people. Because we were sharing love.

I am not sure how old Tyler is but on Saturday he showed greater communications abilities than any of those who call themselves marketing experts.

YEP, Saturday was a brilliant success. Sheffield Wednesday THRASHED Leeds United yesterday.  In the boardroom at Hillsborough today Trevor will be starting to communicate the next game.  We need to communicate our next event.

On Sunday 15th October we have the fun run at Willen Lake and yesterday friends were communicating on social media their participation in that event. Lots of messages were flying around but not a single marketing word, not a syllable. That's why ;people went to Just Giving.

I have today added a diary to our website. In so doing I have moved a couple of event to spread activity evenly.

Please take a look. All you need to do is to click on the diary at the top of our website home page - 

Then spread the word, tell your friends what we are doing BUT PLEASE DO NOT, NOT NEVER NO WAY market those activities.

We need LOVE. We have no time, no room nor space for cash cows.

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