Saturday, 14 October 2017

Let's play some music

Let's play some music.


Lets get into the mood - it's only 70 days to Christmas you know.

Postie brought a very special parcel yesterday. A parcel busting with love. One of my former students, Maggie, had knitted LOVE into every stitch of twenty beautiful little stockings into which we will be putting gifts to give to families on our Secret Santa project.

Maggie you are a wonderful person. It has been more than twenty years since I was head of year at Leon School. I am so proud to now be in contact with many, many LEONITES. You know we must have done something right at school back then.  Maggie you are a lovely, lovely lady.  THANK YOU for all that love.

Let's play some more music:  CLICK THIS LINK

I am wondering if Sheffield Wednesday needs ti adopt a new anthem. Neil Diamond singing SONG SUNG BLUE - click and listen.

How on earth did Sheffield Wednesday manage to lose yesterday against bottom of the
table Bolton Wanderers ?  For goodness sake !

Kieran Lee did score so Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham did get some sponsorship by way of our Brummie Owls project. Well done Mr Lee - THANK YOU. Watch out in the post for a card coming to you from The Mansion of Love.

Today is a special day here in OurRebekah. A VERY, VERY SPECIAL DAY.

Within days of our losing Beck in May her wonderful friends decided they would take part in The Milton Keynes Big Fun Run. Out of that grew the entire OurRebekah project.

Eleven o'clock this morning at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes this anthem will be ringing out for nineteen wonderful people.

I don't have pictures of everyone - not yet - but here are some of these wonderful people.

Alison and her boys have come all the way south from Scotland to take part.

Ann and Dennis have come up from Devon to be with us. In his youth Dennis was a well-known marathon runner.

Ann, seen bottom right in this pic with son Tyler, will be running. She organised the event. Husband Mark appears to right. Nit sure who the other two are.

Way in excess of one thousand pounds for Ronald McDonald House Evelina in London.

Time for some more music.

Tomorrow I am going to have to rewrite a lot of our website to add all of the photographs we will take at the run and ti report on The Big LOVE run.

Watch this space.

One last song............................

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