Thursday, 5 October 2017

Is this man special or is this man special

There was no blog yesterday. I was in the car driving to Devon and back for most of he day and could not get to the laptop. That does not mean that The Wave Of Love was not surfing high as usual so I do have a lot to share.

Being in the car for as long as I was my mind had time to think over many things and to sort some order into a number of OurRebekah projects which I would like to chat about in a moment.

But to open Thursday's blog let me tell you about this picture.

We had a little smile on an earlier blog when I said let's time Sheffield Wednesday's Director Trevor to see how long it takes him takes to answer an e-mail.

It took him 1 hour and 7 minutes. Do you respond to your e-mails so promptly ?

I then said let's see how quickly Mayor David Hopkins takes to write and thank us for the Frog Challenge. 24 hours and that includes the post ! Says a lot about the man doesn't it ? I wrote to a McDonald Franchise holder on 22nd August and he still has not given us the basic courtesy of a reply. Says a lot about him as well doesn't it !?!

The Mayor has asked me to share the letter so there is the original above and here is the text. 

he wrote from his home address and NOT the civic offices !

Dear David

Thank you for inviting Susan and myself to be a part of the FROG challenge event in a series of challenges in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Avery enjoyable and enlightening morning and I must admit that would never have anticipated getting quite so up close and personal with a Python and with the charming Chloe, the rather cute skunk.

Do thank all those who helped to make the event such fun.

Good luck with all your endeavors and I do hope that we might meet again soon.

Yours sincerely
David Hopkins - Mayor of Milton Keynes

Is that man special or is that man special ?   I am proud he is our Mayor. I put that on Facebook late yesterday evening and within minutes nine people rushed to agree with me. I am sure many more will add their "like" today.

Yes, Mr Mayor we too look forward to seeing you again.

I was quite tired after my eight hours in the car yesterday, mentally tired as mile after mile after mile I was busy working through our project diary in my head.

You could well accuse me of dithering over the Fire A Rocket project. I have been to the Astro Physics Department at Bristol University and still have not set the event into the diary.

I had originally suggested November but then thought that would not be good as it was Firework Night. Then I said New Year but again it is a time of fireworks and our rockets would get easily lost.

I must be a bit stupid - No a LOT stupid. The date is obvious: TUESDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2018 - Rebekah's birthday. There is plenty of time to plan this so let's have 35 rockets, one for each year of Beck being with us.

You can now sign up and claim a rocket to fire with your family and friends. CLICK HERE and add yourself in.

Fire a Rocket For Beck will support Ronald McDonald House in Bristol.

Why Bristol ? That is where the radio telescope is that will be tracking your rockets !

We have the fun run on Sunday 15th October raising money for Ronald McDonald House Evelina in London and our Sheffield Wednesday project is happening every time the team plays so it is an on-going diary feature.
But by moving our rockets to February it clears the diary - DO CHECK THE DIARY - for us to concentrate in November and early December on Secret Santa.

Driving along yesterday, once I had the rockets sorted I put my mind to thinking about Secret Santa. CLICK HERE and get into the mood.

You can check our Secret Santa via its own direct link as well as via our home page. Just go to 

Did you enjoy listening to Jingle Bells ? Well CLICK HERE for some more festive fun.

There are 17 rooms in Ronald McDonald House in Oxford. Rebekah's family will buy gifts for every family staying there.

There are 66 families in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham - aka The Mansion of Love.

The first target for the project is to find 66 lovely supporters who will send a gift.

Then when we have hit that figure we start finding gifts for Evelina House in London.

To send gifts to every UK house we would need to find more than five hundred supporters. I am not sure if we can do that so let's take it step at a time and house by house.

I should have had a meeting today at a youth centre which is looking to be involved but that will now happen next week.

I am not sure how many she will be able to make but a friend is busy knitting santa socks for the project. These are not big enough to hold a large gift but are way big enough to pack with love. I am going to suggest we use these to pop some sweets or a toy in and send them to San Francisco's houses in Mission Bay and Scott Street.

Does that sound like a good idea.


I can not put off any longer speaking to the Operations Director of MK Dons Football Club.

Sue, I hope you are not reading today's blog. If you are I will be contacting your office today to set up a meeting.

Sheffield Wednesday has gone into orbit, Fantastic but I am a bit embarrassed and we have not respected as properly as perhaps we should have your kindness.

I do hope the suggestion I am going to run by you will be appealing.

If you go for it I am sure Trevor in Sheffield will like it.

Speaking yesterday via e-mail with Libby, House Manager of Birmingham, I asked if we could drop a project I had previously suggested. I am afraid I just can not cope with THREE football clubs on the go !

About one hundred and fifty of those miles along the M4 and M5 yesterday were devoted to considering the Sheffield Wednesday project. You can check this project out at a direct link:

Sheffield Wednesday is known as The Owls.  The project supports Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham so - THE BRUMMIE OWLS.

Every goal the club scores is sponsored by OurRebekah for Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. I feel it is important we do not invade the club's fan base with this project, that would be impertinent. We MUST, however, find a minimum of 50 people who will sponsor the goals for £2 each meaning the house benefits by £100 a goal.

After every match I have been sending THANK YOU cards to the goal scorers. From the next match on Saturday 21st October, away to Derby County the house will send the cards rather than myself.

Each game I attend I will buy a programme and a scarf which I will send to the house to give as a gift to a family.

Just before kick off at every game the crowd sings this song. Then as they leave the club plays Singing The Blues.

I have managed to obtain original 7" vinyl singles of both songs. On Tuesday I went to see a professional framing company who will take these and turn them into a presentation gift for the club.

Tomorrow I am taking Tony from Radio Secklow 105.5 and his wife, see here at Saturday's Frog Challenge, to lunch to discuss this gift. I want Tony to come with me to Sheffield and make the presentation on Saturday 18th November when the club plays at Hillsborough against Bristol.

There are players who will never get a card thanking them for scoring goals. Our friend Barry crosses the ball for others to score and Keiren Westwood who plays in goal is not going to score is he ? So when we go up to the game I will buy some bottles of champagne and leave them in the dressing room for the players.

It had been the original thought to have friends from OurRebekah, from Ronald McDonald House Birmingham and Tony sign the presentation. I have just ordered a BRUMMIE OWL card to go with the presentation. This is something we can ALL sign.

So my drive to Birmingham and back yesterday was profitable.  But I have not told you about the BIG thought - not yet.

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