Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Have you ever had one of those days ?


Have you ever had one of those days ?  You know, one of those days where nothing goes wrong and  everything  goes  right ?

I had such a day yesterday.

Things began with my writing the blog which incidentally had a fantastic reader level. I asked if friends would check out the new SECRET SANTA pages on the website, beta test it and help me correct the typos.

THANK YOU Barry for your help. I like the feature within the website but I am not sure that people like my Burger King joke LOL.  I thought it was quite subtle, others thought it was a bit silly !

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

There then followed a series of e-mails toing and froing between Tony from Secklow 105.5 and Yours Truly.

Tomorrow I am going to the studio to watch Tony broadcast his AFTERNOON DELIGHT show. I am going to take a series of pictures and some video to help promote Tony's presenting the Brummie Owls gift to Sheffield Wednesday FC on Saturday 18th November.  

Tony has now arranged for me to meet the station's managing director Mike Johnson. I guess I had better be on my best behavior !

I spent yesterday afternoon with Jon, the CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities. WHAT A GUY !

Jon had driven all the way from London to spend the afternoon with me. Our conversation ranged wide  right across the work the houses do. 

In a previous blog I was praising the stewardship of Ronald McDonald, how it is so careful with the money it receives and how very little is spent on administration.

Within that blog I complained that Ronald McDonald House
Charities is too modest and fails to tell everyone what a good job it does and how careful it is with the money it receives.

While I was banging on about that yesterday it dawned on me that, OK, the charity should be opening its mouth a bit more but the primary responsibility for telling people should rest with the supporters.

When it comes to singing HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY at Hillsborough it is not the owner, it is not Club Director Trevor, it is not the manager, it is not  the players but the SUPPORTERS who do the singing.

OurRebekah needs to start opening its mouth a bit wider.

The OurRebekah Just Giving page is looking good, not bad for two months activity but I came away from my time with Jon yesterday thinking we need to do more. A LOT MORE.

OurRebekah has some lovely people doing their bit and being very generous but we need to widen our support base, we can not keep asking the same people to support us, we can not keep asking the same people to get behind our various projects. I guess widening the support base is down to me.

Thank You Jon for your time yesterday. Thank you to Jon's team working away behind the scenes to make the work of the houses up and down the country possible.

Within half an hour of Jon and I shaking hands and going our different ways I opened the
laptop to check my e-mails. 

There was an e-mail from Jon. How had he managed to send me an e-mail so quickly ?  I started to read it and nothing made any sense.

DOH !  It dawned on me this was a different Jon. The e-mail had come from Jon, The Mayor of Buckingham. He's a lovely guy you know, you should take a look at his blog. Makes mine look like the ramblings of a silly old man. ACTUALLY it is the ramblings of a silly old man.

Mayor Jon, not CEO Jon, had e-mailed me about our Gala Disco Party next May.

While CEO Jon, not Mayor Jon, and I had been together my phone rang. I let it go to voicemail. Checking it I found the messages was from the people who issue licences to play music in public. I had made an application to have a licence. Each license is individual, there is no set fee. I was hoping I would have to dip into my pocket for about £200 but knew it could be a lot more.

Nervously I called back. I was very careful to explain what I wanted, the fine for breaching the rules is draconic !

How much do you think I am going to have to pay ?

Go on have a guess !


Result !

Let's play some music shall we............

There were two e-mails waiting for me from Libby who is the manager of The House That Love built in Birmingham.  

There was another e-mail. I am itching to tell you all about it but until Broughton Manor Preparatory School's management team has met at the end of the week I must keep my lips

Yes, Boughton Manor is going to take on Di Central Eating, I reported that on an earlier blog but you just wait until I am able to tell you the reception waiting for the school's new pupil !

There was another e-mail. This from Greg who owns a McDonalds franchise in Devon. In December I will be driving down to meet him and to chat about the work of Ronald McDonald Houses.

What a day.


Can I please have another day today just like yesterday ?

So as the radio DJ would say, let's play out today's show with this....................

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