Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fancy a smile this morning ?

Fancy  a smile this morning ?

Look at the ugly old sod in this picture - the one on the right !

Preparing for the Big Fun Run on Sunday October 15th Ann asked those who have registered to send her photographs of themselves wearing their tee shirts. When Grandson Adam came round yesterday afternoon Maureen, she's the good looking one in the picture, and I asked him to take the pic.

Inside the ugly old sod is this stunningly handsome young man struggling to get out.

During my recent time at Bristol University, chatting to three of the country's top scientists I was very keen to find out if time travel is theoretically possible. 

Without my understanding a word they explained various theories within Quantum Mechanics - all I wanted to know, all I want to know is HOW CAN MY SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD SELF ESCAPE FROM THIS SIXTY-SEVEN YEAR OLD BODY ?

When I gave the pic to Ann I thought I would make people smile, I put it in the public domain on Facebook.  Thank you to the eighteen kind people who liked the pic and made some kind comments. Can you imagine how many comments and likes I would have achieved if my real seventeen year old self were wearing that tee shirt ?

There I was working at the laptop yesterday while listening to the radio - NO not Radio One, a real music station when I heard this. After blushing, then smiling I downloaded an extract, played around with it and popped it on YouTube.

Today Secklow 105.5 presenter Tony and I are meeting for lunch to discuss the two songs in that little video. I have managed to obtain the original 7" vinyl singles of SINGING THE BLUES - I was five years old when that was a hit. Want a real laugh ? Here I am aged five !

Hi Ho Silver Lining dates from the same year as that picture of the good-looking me !

Sorry folks but false modesty is NOT going to stop me putting the picture up a gain.

Don't you DARE say anything - JUST SMILE.

We are going to have the two singles professionally mounted as a presentation to our friends at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. 

A thank you for their support to OurRebekah.

All being well, Moonpig will be delivering a card today, a card which I am inviting YOU to sign. Yes YOU.

The card will go to the club with the presentation. It features what I think is quite clever - THE BRUMIE OWLS. You know how I hate the word MARKETING, only one thing more silly than a Geek and that is someone who says he works in Marketing, but isn't Brummie Owls a bit clever ?

Owls, because Sheffield Wednesday are known as The Owls and Brummie because every goal Sheffield score helps Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. We need to find fifty Brummie Owls who will sponsor every goal for £2 so meaning Ronald McDonald House gets £100 a goal.

When I went to my first game at Sheffield I took along some OurRebekah cards for people to sign. NOT the players, people I spoke to during the day. These cards were then sent to families in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. 

See the lad in the centre of this picture, the guy wearing the yellow jacket. (Sorry about the formatting of he picture, the thick stupid geeks at Google have screwed up their website again !)  I asked him to sign a card.

You want me to give YOU an autograph, he said. You've just been on the pitch with the director and a player.

YEH, I replied. You are a REAL person and I want REAL people to send these cards NOT celebrities.

When Gary and I went to the Steel City Derby, the game where Sheffield United annihilated Wednesday, we were early. The ground was almost empty as we found our seats.

(There's that ugly old sod again and guess what the Google Geeks are screwing up the picture formatting AGAIN.)

As we entered the ground another steward smiled and welcomed us. He spoke with a stutter so conversation did not come easy for him BUT he spoke to welcome us. He asked where we had come from, had we traveled far, how long had we been Sheffield Wednesday supporters. What a lovely man. Speaking did not come easy for him but smiling did. A REAL PERSON.

I want YOU - REAL PEOPLE, to smile and to add your name to the Brummie Owls card.  When Tony and I have chatted today, when Moonpig have delivered the card, I will set out a system where all who want to add their smile to the card can do so. I want YOU, I want REAL people to sign it. Even this ugly old sod will be signing.

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