Thursday, 26 October 2017

Doro - phones for the elderly

Wyvale Garden Centre held its Christmas launch yesterday. Maureen and I went along. These two little fellows jumped off the shelf and into Santa's Sack.

I shared with Maureen my idea to convert the car into Santa's Sleigh, to recruit some elves then drive to Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool with myself dressed as Father Christmas. She thought it was a great idea. Now if Maureen thinks something is a good idea then by heck it has to be brilliant.

Give me a couple of days and I will update the website and start recruiting the elves.

My mobile phone died yesterday !

I am not particularly impressed that Doro sell their products as PHONES FOR THE ELDERLY !

I had not had chance to throw my busted old Doro Phone into the bin, the new one was still charging, when the ink on the printer ran out. AGAIN.

I now have three phones and goodness knows how many empty printer cartridges that need
to be binned.

I had an idea. Would it be possible to recycle these now redundant items and make some money for Ronald McDonald Houses ?

I did a quick bit of research, found out how easy it all is then registered OurRebekah to collect phones and cartridges for Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey in Liverpool.

That's another update I need to make t the website. For now can I ask you and your friends not to throw away your phone and cartridges. I'll get the project on-line asap.

10.30am will see me today at Broughton Manor Preparatory School, Rebekah worked there for a number of happy years.  I am hoping the school will add Di to their classes, take him on as a pupil then illustrate the ten chapters in the book. We plan to republish The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating within the Books4Birmingham project.

Three books............ The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating, The Story Of A Teenage Entrepreneur (Failed) and The Bridge House are all to be republished with royalties going to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Running round in my head are at least one thousand words for The Bridge House. This book is still a work in progress, I am working on the penultimate chapter. Those words in my head take the story from the year 1946, through 1947 and point towards 1950.

1950 !  That was the year I was born. OMG is Doro right calling me Elderly ?  My birthday is coming up far too quickly !

Tonight my friend and next door neighbour Graham is coming to dinner so I can introduce him to my friend Tony who presents two radio shows on Secklow 105.5.

Tony has a show Tony's Time Tunnel where he plays music from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and to quote Tony - DIPPING INTO THE EIGHTIES.  Exactly the same music as Graham plays in his retro disco.

We will be chatting and brainstorming ideas for our Gala Disco Party in May. This is going to be the biggest OurRebekah event of them all.

Tony is coming with us to Hillsborough on Saturday 18th November and will be making the OurRebekah presentation to the club to officially launch our Brummie Owls project.

I love music. I think that YouTube would go out of business if it was not for me !

I bring music into all of our projects.

Have you seen the bits I put together for Secret Santa, Sheffield Wednesday and so on ?

There is even something for Di Central Eating !



I am looking forward to this evening's dinner. I want to run by Tony and Graham another piece of music CLICK HERE and listen for a moment will you.

Gerry And The Pacemakers nicked the song from the musical Carousel. Liverpool FC then nicked it to become the club's anthem. It has become an anthem for the city of Liverpool. Listen to the words. You'll Never Walk Alone. Isn't that exactly what Ronald McDonald
Houses do. Lovingly placing an arm around the shoulders of families in some very difficult times and making sure they NEVER WALK ALONE.

I find those words so haunting. 


I'm rambling ! Comes with age I guess. THANK YOU DORO !

On Monday the CEO of Ronald McDonald Houses UK is driving up from London to sit down and chat with me.  We are meeting for coffee.  I have sent him pages and pages of notes so it could be a big cup of coffee !

OMG I then have my birthday. My SIXTY-SEVENTH birthday coming up. After that I am going to Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool to chat with house staff about ways OurRebekah can help them to make sure families in their houses NEVER WALK ALONE.

Doro - Phones for the elderly - WHAT A FLIPPIIN CHEEK !

I wonder how many of my former LEONITE friends can recognise this picture.  Look at the young me striding across the school sports hall.

Doro - Phones for the elderly - what a damn cheek. I mean do I look elderly ?

Look at my trousers, look at the very bottom of the picture. 1970's flares !  

I will be wearing something similar for tonight's dinner party. Well we are talking retro music
for our disco. Maureen says I should also wear my hippy shirt, the one I got for our visit to San Francisco ion April.

What do you think ?
Initial dealings with Buckingham Palace brought about some very prompt responses. Things are a bit quiet now. I am taking that as good news - very good news. Every day without a rejection letter dropping through the door means we are getting closer and closer to a Royal VIP guest of honour at Our Gala Disco Party.

I think tonight Graham, Tony and I need to discuss which dances at the disco we will ask our special guest to lead !

And with that I'll shut up !

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