Sunday, 8 October 2017

Be there or be square

May 2018 is a long way off. 

Specifically Sunday 13th May 2018.

This is the date for OurRebekah's GALA DISCO PARTY.

We anticipate so many people will be rushing to add themselves to the guest list we have decided to open the guest list seven months ahead of the event.

This is to be a retro disco party with music from the 1950's 60's.70's and 80's.

In the days when British Pop Music ruled the world, in the days before BBC and Radio 1 destroyed much of the quality to be found in pop music there was a saying:


Life is a disco so dance. Music is played on round discs quite unsuitable for boring square persons.

Look at the amazing building, the like of which nobody but nobody has held a disco in before, can accommodate four hundred people. We anticipate the guest list filling up VERY quickly.

The party is being held to support Ronald McDonald Houses up and down the country as they lovingly care for families with a child sick in hospital. There are fifteen in Britain.

Anyone can come along. the only stipulation is you MUST have fun, you MUST party and you MUST bring love for the families staying Ronald McDonald Houses.

We are going to have some silly games so come prepared to dance the CONGA and the
OKEY COKEY. How good are you at the TWIST ?

Dress is informal, you will not feel comfortable in a dinner jacket and bow tie. Dress in something fun. We will have prizes for the most inventive attire.

Remember this is a RETRO DISCO so let's see what you can find to wear !

Go now and get your diary.

Go on DO IT NOW.

Get a big, thick black pen. Turn to Sunday 13th May 2018 and write in big letters.

Gala Disco Party

I guess you had better add the location - TEMPLE OF CONCORD AND VICTORY - The National Trust Gardens Stowe.

Stowe is the jewel in the crown of The National Trust and Concord and Victory is the sparking diamond in the centre of that crown.

Concord and Victory was built in 1747 and named Concord and Victory after the end of the Seven Years War - 1756 - 1763.  Within all of its long history this building has never hosted anything quite like the GALA DISCO PARTY OurRebekah will be holding on Sunday 13th May.

Square, boring people close this page and forget all about the party.

HAPPY - FUN - SMILING people CLICK HERE and add yourself to the guest list.

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