Sunday, 15 October 2017

OurRebekah - We go the extra mile.

Meet the team from OurRebekah taking part in yesterday's Big Fun Run.  Seen here after the run, every single team member having successfully completed the course and proudly wearing their medals.

What a truly wonderful day.

Eighteen friends and two doggies jogged five kilometers - that's 3.1 miles in proper measurements, round Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.

The accounting has to be complete, more donations came in overnight and we have some cash which needs to be added to our Just Giving page but when all this has been done we will have passed £1,500  for Ronald McDonald House, Evelina - London. Way over the original target set by the event organisers.

It was a wonderful day, a day full of fun, a day where everyone was smiling. As day where we all went the extra mile. It was a day packed from start to finish with Love.

Two weeks after our Frog Challenge where the bar was set high that bar was raised higher. When it comes to putting on an event OurRebekah goes the extra mile !

From the oldest runner, yours truly above the left to some very young friends we had an fun-filled and love-pacjked time.

We have built a reputation for ourselves - nobody but nobody organises an event quite like OurRebekah.

Ann, one of Beck's friends, set up this event back in May.  She was helped and supported by many of Rebekah's wonderful friends. We have been looking forward for many weeks to the run. Those three miles round the lake exceeded our wildest expectations. Three miles on the ground but with the extra mile FOUR.

For me I was so proud every step of the run.

Proud that so many lovely people had come together for the event.

Proud that OurRebekah had achieved so much for Ronald McDonald House.

Proud to hand Ann our SMILE OF THE MONTH award.

Proud that I managed to actually complete the course myself and receive my medal.

Proud that I did not come in last, towards the end of the pack but not in the final position !

I am working on on the many, many pictures we took and add them to the website in a new gallery. You can check progress by CLICKING HERE.  I will have everything on-line by the end of the day.

One friend who came into the finish line way ahead oif me was my best friend Jake. It's true what they say you know........

Jake The Dog - Jake The Dog - There's no one quite like Jake The Dog

Jake, of course is orgaising The Doggie Treasure Hunt next year but what is the next 
OurRebekah event ?

Put this in your diary.

So to bring this blog entry to a close let me return to this EXTRA MILE thing. That's easy to answer. NOBODY takes part in an OurRebekah event unless they do so in love.

Every second of every event is filled with love. Every step of the course round Willen lake yesterday, every step taken by every member of the team was taken in love.

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