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A report of LOVE

This page will initially be The Wave Of Love's blog for Sunday 29th October 2017.  THREE weeks today will mark  six months of operation for OurRenebah and this feels a good time to present a report on what we have achieved and what our plans are for the next six months and more.

This will be a long blog but instead of it passing into history and the archive tomorrow let's keep it in place so friends and supporters can check out where we are going.

First of all our JustGiving page stands at £2,164 + £341.75 gift aid. There is another £55 to be processed and we do have a second JustGiving page set up ready for projects we will be running for Ronald McDonald House in Bristol. There is £4 credited to that account.

Therefore, OurRebekah has so far achieved an total figure of £2,509.75.  The aim is to make £34,000 a year so we do have a way to go. However, the first four moths of operation were given over to planning so we have actually achieved £1,254.87 per month which puts us on target to make £15,058.50. We need to up our game a bit !


The picture above is of Adam Reach who scored the one goal for Sheffield Wednesday at
Hillsborough yesterday. That goal sent £5 to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Saturday 18th November marks the official launch of Brummie Owls, goals the team score that day currently stand at £100.

Yesterday our faithful Postie brought a package containing all the material we need for a new project - RECYCLE FOR ALDER HEY. We want your old mobile phones and ink cartridges which we will recycle for the house.

It is difficult to estimate what we will make within this project but would £100 a month be reasonable ?


Saturday 18th November, of course, is Brumie Owls at Hillsborough then beyond that November and December are SECRET SANTA.

We want to take gifts to Ronald McDonald Houses in Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol.  Santa's sack is filling up quite nicely. Today I will update the Secret Santa website page to add in some new and exciting features.

You can check Santa's sack at  

Our e-bay project never worked as we hoped it would. We put a lot of effort into this gathering some exciting, valuable and utterly amazing gifts. Ann and Mark worked hard to launch the items on e-bay but we just could not attract the bids. Let;s step back and think
outside the box.

The box at the moment is a storage box where the gifts are sitting unloved and unwanted. Let's wrap these up, put them into Santa's sack and use them as a free prize Christmas draw for families in the three houses.

Is that OK with you Gordon Banks, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sandi Shaw, Gerry And The Pacemakers, Geoff Hurst, Will Young, MK Dons FC and Sheffield Wednesday FC.

YES, all of those famous people supported OurRebekah


In January we have our ASDA GREEN TOKEN project which we will dedicate to Ronald McDonald House in Bristol.

If we win £500 will be donated to Bristol by Asda. If we come second or third £200 will be donated by Asda to Bristol. No matter what we win something for the work of this house.

We are looking into a rather special launch for the project on Saturday 6th January 2018. Watch this space - he  he !

January also sees the first stage of our Acrophobic Challenge supporting Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.


In February the Acrophobia Challenge moves to Bristol and supporting Ronald McDonald House Bristol.

Also in February we have Fire a Rocket For Beck which is also supporting Ronald McDonald House Bristol. HEY BRISTOL this is your month.


In March the Acrophobia Challenge moves to some iconic buildings in Liverpool to support Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey.

We will also be launching our Easter Egg collection to send gifts to families in Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

During the months of January, February and March 2018 children at Broughton Manor Preparatory School will be working to illustrate The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating which will be one of three books to be published later in the year as part of our Books4Birmingham project.

The standard of art work at Broughton Manor Preparatory School is quite outstanding so Di is going to become a famous little boy.
That is for certain !


On Friday 20th April our team will be boarding a Virgin Atlantic 747 bound for The City By The Bay.

There, supporting Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham, the team will be having a fun run on The Golden Gate Bridge followed by a Hippie Party in San Francisco's world famous Golden Gate Park the location from where The Summer of Love spread world-wide and more than fifty years later is still remembered.


We are working hard towards what will be the biggest OurRebekah event of all. Two events
in one, The Doggie Treasure Hunt and our Gala Disco Party

Nobody, but nobody has ever held a disco in a location quite like this before.

A lot of the planning is still under wraps, when we are able to reveal all that is in the pipeline we guarantee your breath will be taken away !


In June we will be launching the three books in our Books4Birmingham project:

The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating, The Bridge House and The Story Of A Teenage Entrepreneur (Failed).

Initially we thought these books would generate a modest income for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham but momentum is already gathering so our expectations are going to be passed.

The books are being published by Amazon. Amazon has a monthly prize fund for authors which runs into several million pounds.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if our three books sold enough copies to grab a few hundred or even a thousand pounds from the prize fund ? The money all going to Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Also in June we want to get together two teams of football players, one made up of Sheffield Wedneday Fans and one of MK Dons Fans, to take part in OurRebekah's Big Smile Cup.

The Big Smile Cup will also be a Ronald McDonald House Birmingham project.


We are now in the early stages of changing the format for our Three Peaks Challenge and plan to make this something for Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey in Liverpool.  David will soon  be discussing this with staff in the house after which we will be able to announce more

Things will not be stopping at the end of July, we have some projects we initially announced then moved to the back burner, there are others we have yet to think of. The diary, in due course, for August and beyond will be announced.

Every month we have our SMILE OF THE MONTH award. Last month his was won by Ann.

At the centre of all we do is our website:   Yes, it's different - yes, it's an amateur production - GEEKS and CASH COW MARKETING EXPERTS are not involved but people like it. We know that it is checked out by Ronald McDonald Houses in different parts of the world, houses which nick our ideas and turn them into their own projects. That's lovely isn't it ?

Our blog, The Wave Of Love, averages one hundred readers a day.

So friends as we approach our first six months we have not done a bad job have we ?

The Big Fun run was special wasn't it ?

As for The Frog Challenge !

What a CRAZY day that was. Fun packed and full of love.

No, that is not a frog Mayor David Hopkins has round his neck and tangled into his chain of office but from that day the image has become a bit of an icon.

Perhaps someone should have told Mayoress Susan Hopkins the skunk she kept cuddling had not had its scent glands removed !

We have taken a member of parliament to McDonald's to spin coins for the houses, families have taken their children for Happy Meals and to spin coins.

We have not done a bad job have we ? But these are early days, very early days. We may have a diary packed with fun and potential but there is a lot of work to be done to turn that potential n to love for
families in the various Ronald McDonald Houses.

Gerry And The Pacemakers nicked this song from the musical Carousel. Liverpool FC then nicked it from Gerry and his mates. The City of Liverpool then nicked it from the football club !

OurRebekah is here officially announcing that we will nick the song big time and use it as an anthem for all we do.

When a family has a child taken into hospital, a hospital far from home where the specialist treatment that child needs is located........ When the family is entering a very, very hard time, Ronald McDonald House places a loving arm around the shoulder of the family and says.....................

Come with us, we are here for you, walk through this time with us an YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

CLICK HERE and feel the love within that anthem LOVE to be found within all Ronald McDonald Houses the world over.  LOVE we have within OurRebekah to send to those families.

Never forget that LOVE is what we are about.

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