Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Under Pressure !

Yesterday The Wave Of Love had 93 visitors - THANK YOU.

So how many good friend will read today what The Wave Of Love has to share ?

Queen had a hit in 1982, yes it was that long ago, with Under Pressure. I feel a bit under pressure today. 

We have The Frog Challenge racing towards us - 16 days to go - I am now working on the publicity to make sure we have people coming along.  Wrigglies Exotic Pets in Old Stratford is a small shop so while I need people there throughout the day I need a balance, a steady flow of friends and not hundreds of people to swamp the shop followed by it being empty.

CLICK HERE to check out what we have planned.

Today I will be putting out one thousand fliers inviting people to come along.

Milton Keynes Mayor, David Hopkins, is coming to supervise the 11am challenge.  David is a lovely man, Milton Keynes should be very proud to have him as our mayor. I know he will start the challenge in a fun way.

Waiting for me in my inbox this morning was an e-mail from this friend. Secklow 105.5's very own Tony who presents Afternoon Delight and Tony's Time Tunnel.

Tony will be supervising the 12 noon challenge.

Moving on to the Doggie Treasure Hunt, BBQ and Retro Disco, I really am under pressure. CLICK HERE for information. 

Both this event and The Frog Challenge are supporting Ronald McDonald House in Oxford.

The National Trust has been amazing in its support for what we will be doing. Not only do I have to make sure we have lots of people there, again I am now working on publicity, but I
need to be certain we have both doggies and their two legged friends coming along as well as lots and lots and lots of two legged people dancing at the disco.

Just look at the building the National trust has set out for the disco !  Nobody, but nobody has ever held a disco in a location like that.

It was my plan to drive over to Stowe today with my updated plans. Under Pressure I don't think that is going to happen. Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting for The Frog Challenge, There is no way I will have plans ready to share with the National Trust today so it is going to be Saturday. UNDER PRESSURE.

Talking of pressure the photograph taken by the club's photographer last Saturday appeared in my e-mail yesterday. OMG just look at the old man on the left. That is going to appear in THIRTY THOUSAND match-day programmes.

I have edited it to use within our own webpages and have printed off copies for Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, The Lord Mayor of Birmingham and Mike Ashley's PA. We are in contact with her regarding the help Sports Direct gave to us in selecting the ball for the players to sign.

Even editing the picture the old man on the left looks every bit as silly as he is.


I put that picture on Facebook yesterday. TWENTY-FIVE people LIKED IT. Does LIKE mean they were splitting their sides with laughter ?

Club Director and OurRebekah friend, Trevor, thinks it funny how the club's anthem SINGING THE BLUES is constantly ringing round and round in my head.

Yesterday Tony told me he played the song for me in his show. 

Also yesterday the original 7" vinyl copy I have purchased for the club turned up in my letterbox.
As I plan the doggie treasure hunt and retro disco I have some silly games I want to play, providing DJ Graham approves. I wonder if we could do something with this song.

Oh what the heck - let's play the damn tune now !

Are you ready for this ? I'm NOT !

Sheffield Wednesday's next game is away at Cardiff on Saturday. Lots of goals boys, lots of goals.

Every goal is sponsored by OurRebekah to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Click Here to CHEER ON THE TEAM.  

No pressure boys but you has BETTER win !

I am away in Bristol all next week but hope to be at Sheffield on the 24th for the local derby against Sheffield United. Now that is a game the team had better win or else. Under Pressure - he he !

Tell you what lads. I hope you enjoyed the champagne I left in the dressing room for you as a thank you for signing the ball. Win against Sheffield United and there will be some more. Lose and I will bring you DIET COKE !

OK it is 5.16am, Jake will not be wanting his walk for an hour at least. I think I will relieve the pressure a just a little bit. I'll start work on the planning notes for The National Trust and the doggie treasure hunt.

Speak again tomorrow.

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