Friday, 29 September 2017

The Wretched Reptile

150 people checked out The Wave Of Love Blog yesterday and the readership graph showing visitors to the OurRebekah website peaked. 

Today is the last day of the month, across the month of September we have had visitors to the website from 55 different towns and cities in 8 countries of the world.

I am wondering if we have a world of frig lovers ?  How many of those readers of this blog and visitors to the website like the Wretched reptile ?  Will I have an affection for the WRETCHED REPTILE after today ?

I have not set up a Facebook thingy for OurRebekah, we have our own page run by Ann. Instead I have used my own personal area to pass on all that is happening. While I still make the odd personal post the majority is devoted to the project.

If you are reading this blog and are not a friend, PLEASE become a Facebook Friend. Don;t just follow, become a friend.

So all is set for today's event. While we have some projects running this is the first on the ground event we have organised.

It's only four months since OurRebekah started. I don't think we have done a bad job raising almost £1,400 in those four months.

What do you think ?

Our next actual event on the ground is the FUN RUN happening on Sunday 15th October.

Then we have Fire A Rocket For Beck.

This was planned to happen at the beginning of November but I think it would be better held at the end of the year as a New Year celebration rather than at the same time as November 5th firework night.

On Monday I will be getting to grips with the planning for this, changing the web page and inviting friends to take part.

Has anyone ever put a frog into space ? I wonder if we could set up an OurRebekah project
to make the wretched reptile I have to handle all day today the world's first space frog. Does that sound like a good idea ?

When I visited Bristol University's radio telescope to take some background pics for this project I was nervous about standing on the top of a tall building looking at the telescope. As well as a phobia of frogs I do not do tall buildings very well.

There is a metal gantry by the side of the telescope which is used to maintain the dish and receiver. NO, I did not climb up that stricture.

Perhaps I should.

This is the old Express Lift Tower in Northampton, sometimes called The Northampton Lighthouse. The lady who runs the trust caring for this structure, which is the tallest building outside London, is on our newsletter mailing list. Perhaps I should ask her if I could go to the top.

Why ever should I want ti do such a mad thing ?

You know what, IF I were to climb to the top of The Northampton Lighthouse - IF...... I bet when I get there I will find a wretched reptile sitting waiting for me.

So why would I want to risk my live and sanity climbing up there anyway ?

The dust has to settle on today's event and I need to regain my sanity but I want to conquer my second fear. I want to do this in support of Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Climbing up the gantry of Bristol University's radio telescope and shining a torch from the Northampton Lighthouse would be training events - just training events.

In January I then plan to spend a day in Birmingham scaling as many tall buildings as I can within the city in a single day. How about I do this on Friday 12th January ?  Just as well it is not FRIDAY 13th !

As with today's event people can sponsor me to overcome my fear.  The target for today's event was originally set at £100. We have already reached £200. If we do not make a single penny today we have doubled our target.  What ever the final figure is at the end of the Frog Challenge will be the target set for this event.

Do you think there will be a frog at the top of every building ?

Tell you what..... I'll take one with me !

I will buy this mask from Amazon and wear it for a photograph at the top of each and every building.

I will also take this with me to the top of every building and get who ever is supervising me to sign it. Those supervising today's challenge will be asked to sign our new guest book.

We must not forget OurRebekah has an activity tomorrow.

On the first page of this new guest book appears an entry from Trevor, the director at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.  Tomorrow the boys play Leeds United at Hillsborough. We really have built a strong friendship with the club. You can cheer on the team tomorrow by sponsoring every goal the boys score in support of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Just go to our special Sheffield Wednesday area and start cheering.

Sheffield Wednesday, of course, are known as the OWLS. Leeds United are known as The Peacocks. That's a silly name don't you think.  Trevor, Communications Director at Wednesday, let's introduce a new nick name for Leeds United. 

Let's call them THE FROGS !

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