Saturday, 23 September 2017

The sun never sets

Good morning !

I am driving to Sheffield in a few hours to watch Wednesday play and hopefully THRASH United in the local derby.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has become special to OurRebekah.  We have a project where supporters can sponsor goals the team score to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. 

You can join in for £2 a goal - just visit our SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY webpage.

For the game the club has produced a special souvenir programme in celebration of its 150th birthday. The photograph we had taken by the club photographer and the little article I wrote are in this programme.
I will be buying copies of this programme to send to football supporters in Ronald McDonald Houses in Birmingham and Oxford. I also plan to send copies to our international houses in San Francisco and Nashville. Yesterday I updated our website and completed the San Francisco House page.  There are actually TWO Ronald McDonald Houses in San Francisco. I am not a city person but I am looking forward to OurRebekah's visit to the City By The Bay next year. STILL TIME TO ADD YOUR NAME TO THE GUEST LIST AND TAKE PART IN OUR GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE FUN RUN.

Here's a picture of Yours Truly, taken a good while back, in Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco. The arrow is pointing to John sitting behind me. He used to be the DJ when we ran Leon Disco. I have not heard from John in years then the miracle of Facebook linked up again.

While writing this blog entry I am listening on-line to a radio station fro Portland in Oregon US of A. This radio station is 100% owned by John.  John that's a bit of a step up from being the school disco's DJ.

I like the music John !  I like the music.

Oh yes there is a Ronald McDonald House in Oregon.

I don't own a radio station and, sadly, my DJ days are over but I do have my YouTube Channel and here's something from it to start your day.

Recognise the song ?  I wonder if there is a Ronald McDonald House in Amarillo Texas.

Of course there is !

There used to be a saying THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE. I suppose we still have Gibraltar and The Falkland Islands but the British Empire is long gone. If you ask me the world is not so good without it but we will not get into that !


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