Saturday, 16 September 2017


The founder and CEO of Iceland Foods is Malcolm Walker. He has a no nonsense attitude towards ruining his business.....

JFDI - Just f*!*ing do it.

Our world is full of people who pontificate, faff about, talk, talk, talk and do nothing ! My sixty-seventh birthday is racing towards me, I don't have time to faff about I have to JFDI. My version of JFDI is a bit more polite than Malcolm's.

My outlook is LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE. Only the boring people stand on the side and listen to the music, the fun people are on the floor dancing.


I used to drive a Ford Focus, rubbish car, before I traded it in against for my Jag.

I used to lead a boring existence but when I was aged about three, it could have been four, I decided to JFDI.

Until the day I depart this mortal coil I will dance the disco, I will drive my life like a Jaguar and I will JFDI.

As I co-ordinate the different projects within OurRebekah this philosophy prevails.

For the entire game, save for the last minute of injury time, the boys from Sheffield JDFI'd their way through the play. How the heck did Cardiff City manage to score an equaliser with 60 seconds of play left.

You had better JFDI when I am at Hillsborough next Sunday.

That one goal that was scored by Gary Hooper and earned £10 for Ronald McDonald House - Birmingham.

Now one thing I will not be JFDI-ing is to write a blog tomorrow. At 4am I will be pointing the car in a south-westerly direction and heading to Bristol. As well as spending the week looking after my two granddaughters I will be visiting Bristol University's Astro Physics Department, in particular its radio telescope.

This is to launch OurRebekah's FIRE A ROCKET TO BECK project.

How the heck did you manage to arrange that you may answer ?

JFDI my friends JFDI.

When Gary and I go to Hillsborough on the 24th we will find the club has changed its match-day programme for its biggest game of the season, the sell out local derby against Sheffield United to include the OurRebekah photograph and text. the printers were instructed to make the last minute alteration. How did we manage to pull that off ?


The days to my frog challenge in support of Ronald McDonald House Oxford are racing away. It will soon be Saturday 30th September.  I am terrified, absolutely terrified.

I spent all of yesterday and will need to spend most of the morning today putting together all the practical bits and pieces for the day.

So how am I going to cope with my biggest fear in life, the phobia I have had since I was six years old ?

JFDI my friends JFDI

I don't have a lot of time and even less patience with those who can not JFDI.

No blog tomorrow so I will speak to you again on Tuesday. Now YOU go out and JFDI !

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