Sunday, 24 September 2017

JFDI v Marketing ? Give me JFDI every time !

The Steel City derby happened yesterday. Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United.

Wednesday was well and truly THRASHED.


Wednesday HOME TEAM 2

A Wednesday fan I may be but to say anything other than THE BEST TEAM WON would be a lie.

The Two goals Wednesday did score, one from Gary Hooper (left) and one from Lucas Joao
(right)  sent another £10 via our Sheffield Wednesday project to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.  Later today I will be sending THANK YOU cards to the two players.

Sadly the game was lost simply because the players right across the team failed to do their jobs properly.  No need for any in depth analysis, no need for fans or people within the game who think they know what they are talking about to explain the poor performance - the team just did not do its job properly. the team did not JFDI.

We arrived early as this  first picture shows. 

The second shows Hillsborough just before kick off, the crowd was excited in anticipation.

Such a shame the players were not.

There was someone at Hillsborough yesterday, however, who DID do his job properly, who DID JFDI ! Trevor Braithwait, the club's Director of Communications and good friend of OurRebekah.  NOTE Trevor does not call himself Marketing Director. Trevor is an old fashioned type of guy which means he just gets on and does the job. That's the difference between communications and marketing.

For this game and to celebrate 150 years of Sheffield Wednesday Trevor produced an incredible 150 page souvenir programme. No big marketing deal, he just got on and did the job. Did a fantastic job. JFDI Yesterday I purchased no fewer than eight copies. On page 117 of the programme is the photograph from the presentation we attended earlier in the month and the little write up I did. Trevor, who I have said is a great friend of OurRebelahmoved heaven and earth to get that feature into the programme. He had to change editorial which had been set down weeks ago. He did not make a fuss about, he did not call a marketing meeting, He simply got on and did it. JFDI.  That's the difference between a director of communications and a marketing director.

You can see here above the eight copies of the programme I brought home with me from the game. One is for a family in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, one for Ronald McDonald House Oxford, one for Ronald McDonald House Nashville, one each for the two Ronald McDonald Houses in San Francisco, one to go with the autographed ball when we auction it in November, one for my grandson Adam and one I will keep for myself.  Later today I will write letters and pop into the post the copies for the Ronald McDonald Houses, no big thing I will just JFDI.  No need to market anything, just to communicate.

When I was at Bristol University last week and was chatting to some of the country's top scientists we got into conversation about the non-subjects universities offer these days. You know - hairdressing, leisure and tourism etc, etc. One of the scientists then said "marketing" and we all laughed about the so called marketing experts who know little or nothing about the real world yet think they can tell people how to "sell" themselves. People who would not know how to JFDI if it jumped up and bit them in the rear end.

Within OurRebekah we have six registered website domain names.  To register a domain you have to give certain information, unfortunately this includes a telephone number. On average I get ten calls a week from marketing idiots hoping to sell me their services. If I were to type here what I say to them I would run the risk of prosecution under the Obscene Publications Act.

Have a look at OurRebekah's website. have a look at Trevor's Sheffield Wednesday website. Then compare them with the rubbish some so called marketing experts put out. Trevor's and our website do their job. Both are updated immediately anything happens. Both JFDI.

Sheffield Wednesday is playing away at Birmingham City on Wednesday then at home to Leeds United on Saturday. A message to all players, just keep it simple boys and JFDI !

Both games will have goals sponsored for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Will you CHEER ON THE TEAM.  No need to think about it, no need to consult a marketing expert, no need to hold a committee meeting JUST JFDI.

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