Friday, 22 September 2017

I am a different person - LEGALLY

I have been away from home for a week. Returning home last night there was quite a lot of mail waiting from me. Among the various letters was a large brown envelope from this place.  A white seal on the envelope announced that it was from THE ENFORCEMENT OFFICE at THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE.

Nervously I opened it. Very nervously I may say !

The contents came as something of a relief, indeed I was very pleased to receive the contents..

This picture shows my grandmother holding a little baby. That baby is me. Within days of my birth my name was registered as DAVID JOHN ASHFORD. That letter from the court confirmed that is no longer my name. David John Ashford does not exist any longer.

My name has legally been changed. I am now DAVID JOHN BEKAH ASHFORD. Almost sixty-seven years since that photograph was taken I am a different person, legally.

I am no longer married to Maureen Ashford. The court has changed her name to Maureen Rebekah Louise Ashford.

Normally I write a lengthy blog but after explaining that I think I will stop for today. There is other news I would normally share but that can wait until tomorrow.

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