Monday, 18 September 2017

Come and dance the Tennessee Waltz

Do you believe in Destiny ?

I do.

If you have read any of my books you will see how Destiny steers the characters through the different plots. But that is fiction, what I am bout to share is FACT.

Driving in the car yesterday I picked up a CD and popped it into the player. CLICK HERE and listen to the first track. 

Go on, don't skip doing that CLICK HERE

Beautiful piece of music, yeh ?

Do you recognise it ?

The Tennessee Waltz.

You did CLICK HERE didn't you ? You are listening ? 

You better had be !

When I got home I checked out if there was a Ronald McDonald House in the US State of Tennessee. 

There are a few. I looked at The Nashville House. My love of music pointed me to check out Nashville before looking at others. I did not get beyond Nashville.

I am going to send an e-mail to Ronald McDonald House Nashville and ask them to check this blog. Guys I love your website, I love the way you have presented what you are doing. I love the detail you go in to.

I like the way you have organised your volunteers. Wish I was a bit closer, I would love to be a meal volunteer. I would cook you some BRITISH nosh - Bangers and Mash, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Who knows, one day perhaps. British Airways does have direct flights from Heathrow to Nashville.

I think the picture you have hanging above the fire place is a bit special. The House of Love.

Ronald McDonald house in Birmingham, England, also says that - THE HOUSE THAT LOVE BUILT.  CLICK HERE to find out about Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Our Sheffield Wednesday project supports Birmingham. 

You guys in Nashville have probably never heard of Sheffield Wednesday.  It's a football club. YES football NOT soccer - this is England you know.

On Sunday I am going to watch a game, a special game against Sheffield United.  We call that a local derby game, there will be 40,000 people there. This picture will be in the match-day programme together with an article I have written about Ronald McDonald Houses and OurRebekah

I'm the old guy on the left. Gary and I are being presented with a ball autographed by the players. We will be auctioning the ball for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. I am going to buy a copy of he programme for the house to give to a football fan staying there. I'll get a second and send one to Nashville for you to give to give to a FOOTBALL fan.

Well guys, destiny put The Tennessee Waltz into my car's CD player then steered me to your website. Every time I hear that tune I will think of you all. LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. He's an old Englishman sending love to the families from OurRebekah to the families in your house, The House That Love Built.

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