Thursday, 7 September 2017


Oh Dear !

Readership of the blog yesterday tumbled down to 50, less than half of the day before.

I think that may, at least in part, be down to the fact that I did not publish the blog until late morning. So here I am today at 4.03am starting work on today's edition.

PLEASE as you read what I am about to say make sure you pop into our website - OurRebelah and see what we are all about.

You got that ? - just click the links.

The reason why I was so late publishing the blog yesterday was down to my working on a presentation for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. I am going there to visit staff and families on Tuesday. I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to that time.

Within the presentation there is a project I want to put to the team - Books4Birmingham.

It is already planned that my book The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating, when it is republished, will benefit Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

The house is located within an area of Birmingham City Centre I knew well when I left school. My teenage autobiography is set there. I am going to publish this, instead of in e-book format as now, in a traditional paper form and that also will be for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Writing has been a bobby for me since I was seventeen years old, the times in which my autobiography is set.

Currently I am working on what I believe will be my best work yet. The Bridge House.
When I say I am currently working on The Bridge House I have to confess that I have not written a single word for more than a month. I have been so involved with OurRebekah.

Taking these three books and putting them into a project Books4Birmingam will push me back to writing, a hobby I have loved for fifty years.  It will also give me a relaxing break from working on our various projects.

Today I have three meetings so will not be back at the laptop until later afternoon. Tomorrow I will be away in Sheffield all day so it is likely I will not get the web pages for this new project written until Monday.

As I work through the projects I want to share what I am doing and to encourage people to support Ronald McDonald House, Birmingham. The more support I can generate for the house the more inspiration I will have to write.

The Bridge House is set around my grandmother Lily. As well as being her life story, a story where facts are  wrapped in my writer's imagination it tells the reader the stories of the times
through which she lived. More than that it seeks to help the reader feel what it was like to live in those times.

Here on the left is Lily, my Nan, aged about nineteen. And her on the right is Nan with baby Rebekah in her arms. She was then ninety-three.

CHAPTER ONE begins in 1901 when Lily was eleven years old. It starts with the death of Queen Victoria and continues through Lily's life to 1912.

CHAPTER TWO then pics up the story and takes it all the way to 1934.

CHAPTER THREE covers the years 1934 to 1945.

CHAPTER FOUR covers 1946 to 1983

CHAPTER FIVE returns to 1912

As soon as I have finished the blog I am going to empty an ink cartridge in my printer as I make card copies of the 22,983 words in Chapter One,  17,789 words in Chapter Two and the so far written 16,186 words of Chapter Three. That will be a total of 168 pages of A4 paper. Before I bring the text on-line next week and start Books4Birmingham I will go through everything, wipe out the typo's and add in a few little sub plots.

OK, I am going to stop there. It's 4.33am. Off to the printer.

Speak again tomorrow.

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