Thursday, 14 September 2017

A little bit of name dropping

I opened a meeting earlier this week by explaining when I mentioned different people who were involved with and helping us within OurRebekah projects I was not name dropping.

I tried to explain that it was not myself dropping the names of well-known and influential people but OurRebekah.

Actually that is not strictly accurate. It is The Wave Of Love that is dropping the names, boasting who is surfing with us.  Am I making sense ?

On Tuesday next week it will be four months since Rebekah passed away and a little less since Beck's friends started OurRebekah to raise £1,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

We have our e-bay project operating and we have our Sheffield Wednesday goal sponsorship working but we have yet to have an event taking place on the ground, so to speak. All of the past three months have been involved in planning. Within that planning we have smashed our original target.

The days are counting down to our first event on the ground - The Frog Challenge happening on Saturday 30th September.

Fifteen days to go !  I don't mind telling I am absolutely terrified.

The target for that event which will support Ronald McDonald House in Oxford is £100. Nothing has happened yet and we have £200, double the target, in the pot. 

Let's drop some names for this shall we.

On The Wave Of Love for this event we have The Mayor of Milton Keynes who will be supervising the first challenge.

The second challenge of the day will be supervised by Tony from Secklow Radio 105.5.

On Wednesday I met with a politician's diary secretary from which I am hoping someone from a major retail chain within the city will be supervising the third challenge of the day.

I am now finalising the planning, all the practical stuff, for this event. Surely we are going to raise three hundred pounds. I am hoping we will make more.

Yesterday e-mails kept flying in from Trevor, now a good friend of OurRebekah and director of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Trevor is doing everything he can to get the photograph his official club photographer took and the article I have written into the match-day programme for Sunday 24th September. This is the local derby game against Sheffield United which will have a capacity crowd of forty 
thousand people.

Gary and I will be there. I will again write a match-day blog and goals the boys score will be sponsored in support of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

How many organisation which have been in existence for just over three months do you know which could boast the level of influence OurRebekah has ?

How have we been able to achieve this ?  Simple - LOVE. The love we have for what we want to do and beautiful people from all over wanting to surf on our wave of love.

Tomorrow Sheffield Wednesday is playing away at Cardiff City. You can surf the wave of love and add yourself to our collection of names to drop. CHEER ON THE TEAM and support Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

I popped into a local vet's surgery yesterday to drop off leaflets for our DOGGIE TREASURE HUNT BBQ AND RETRO DISCO. 

Maureen took some leaflets for the FROG CHALLENGE to another vet's surgery.  One of the vets was in the surgery and said: 

I've heard about this, isn't some guy holding a frog or something ?

OurRebekah's name is being dropped !

Graham, who is the Dj for our Retro Disco was shopping in Tesco when he spoke to someone about the amazing place the disco is being held in.

Just look at it.  How many operations of three and a bit months do you think could pull that
off ?

Somebody overheard him and said:

Excuse me, is that the disco David is involved with ?

OMG how embarrassing but at the same time how wonderful that the name and MORE IMPORTANTLY THE LOVE of OurRebekah is spreading.

Now here's a really big name I want to drop. Yes, Mr Speaker Bercow I know you wrote
us a beautiful letter of support.   Yes, Professor Henderson who signed his letter of yesterday to us BEST WISHED JOE. Yes, Local Police Commander who ended her e-mail message, SPEAK SOON YVETTE. Let me introduce you to Anne.

It was Ann who started OurRebekah with the fun run which is to happen on Sunday 15th October. She and her husband Mark are running our e-bay auction project. Ann has been the inspiration for OurRebekah and without her initiative nothing we have achieved, nothing we are going to achieve would be possible.

The names above are lovely people who want to help families in very difficult times of their lives. We are PROUD to have you on our wave of love, we are not boasting and we are not name dropping.  Personally I AM name dropping when I say THANK YOU to Ann.

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