Thursday, 31 August 2017

What's on The Wave Of Love Today ?

First things first.....

THANK YOU to the one hundred and one fr ends who read my blog yesterday THAT WAS KIND.

Did you miss it ?  Well CLICK HERE

OK get your surfboard ready.

The first thing I did this morning was to write to a lady by the name of Carole. she is Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Council, I said that there was not a big enough font on my laptop to say THANK YOU. She put OurRebekah on to the Council's staff newsletter to see if anyone would be interested in joining our Three Peaks Challenge. Very quickly Hayley added her name to the team list. WELCOME.  Then we heard from Michelle who knew Beck when they were teenagers. She made a kind donation. THANK YOU to you all and a special thank you to Carole. Welcome on board the wave of love.

Waiting for me in my e-mail inbox this morning was a message from Sue who is a director of MK Dons FC. The autographed football and team shirt are waiting for me at the club reception. I will pop by on Monday and will a have a thank you gift for you all.

Jake went to the vet's yesterday afternoon to cave his nails clipped. Jake loves going to the vets, honestly he does !  His good friend Charlotte clipped his claws the  had a great chat saying how MK Vet Group could help with our Doggie Treasure Hunt.  Wow ! Thank You Charlotte and Thank you to all of your colleagues.

I think we are going to have to get a bigger wave and a bigger surfboard !

Today, this afternoon, Jake and his girlfriend Lucy are going to Stowe to pick out places where we can put clues for the treasure hunt.

Our good friend at Stowe, Scott, is on holiday. We have a week to get all of the clues sorted before he returns to England. Scott is in San Francisco. I am looking forward to seeing him when he returns and hearing all about his adventures in The City By The Bay.

My  own travel documents arrived in the post yesterday for our fun run on the Golden Gate Bridge. Are you coming ?

At the top of my doings list for today is to mail out our newsletters. I have just added a link to the website where friends can download the latest copy.

That newsletter is packed with love, it runs to no fewer than seven pages.

Like I say we need a bigger wave and a bigger surfboard !

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