Monday, 28 August 2017

Sunshine Smile Day

It is a fact of life in the twenty-first century that NOBODY smiles enough.  I challenge you to dispute that.

We live in a society where negativity too often wins the day and happiness just can not break through its gloom and despondency.

When you go to work does your employer make you feel happy ?  Does your company make its customers feel happy or are they only cash cows ?

When you go into your local supermarket are the staff there smiling and happy to be doing their jobs ?  Do they make you feel happy ? When you walk out and push your trolley back to the car how do you feel ?

McDonald's gave us HAVE A NICE DAY, sadly their robots have not been trained to do the same. All they understand is GIVE US YOUR MONEY !

I would love to name the company, my fingers are itching to type its name but I will refrain, that has a policy of NOT responding to customer compliments - of NOT passing on to members of staff when someone has taken the trouble to give a good review. Why is that ? Because they are too busy dealing with customer complaints ! Isn't that right Cineworld ?

So many companies employ a director in charge of stupid ideas. These sad, unfortunate over-paid individuals should be immediately sacked and replaced with a director in charge of common sense. Is it not common sense to treat your staff properly ?  They will then treat your customers properly. Then OH LOOK our sales and our profits have gone up. What a surprise.

I would just love to be the CEO of my local supermarket. Overnight I would turn it from being the empty shelf supermarket into the happiest place to shop.

I am running round in my head an idea to include in OurRebekah - to have a project SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. It's a good idea even if I say so myself but would it be a success ? How many companies would take it up ? How many would be too busy exploiting their staff ?  How many would be too busy ripping off the cash cows for as much as they can ? Nah it's asilly idea. It would never work.

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