Sunday, 13 August 2017

Microsoft to be prosecuted under the terms of The Geneva Convention

I wonder if you can regonise the location in this photograph. You should be able to, it affects your life every day.

Any ideas ?

It is MICROSOFT'S BETA TESTING DEPARTMENT hard at work. This image was taken during the course of a normal working day with all staff employed within the department sitting at their desks !

I am going to find a human rights lawyer and see if Microsoft can be prosecuted under The Geneva Convention.

God I hate Microsoft !

You probably do as well.

Microsoft is an inward looking institution that has no idea there is a real world out here. You and I are the real world, Microsoft's geeks are cretins who belong in a lunatic asylum.

More than anything else about Microsoft I hate the way it hi-jacks my laptop with monotonous regularity to install downgrading updates. There is nothing we mortals can do to defend ourselves against the war criminal geeks at Microsoft.

How about if I were to walk into a geek's home and switch off the cooker for an hour just as Mrs Geek is cooking dinner ?

How about I downgrade a geeks's car by  removing its wheels for an hour while I check  the  tyre pressure ?


Do you ?

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