Friday, 18 August 2017

It has happened AGAIN. Wake up world - we are at war.

It has happened AGAIN !   When is the world going to wake up, to stop giving the benefit of the doubt, to stop making excuses, to stop being politically correct and accept the fact that evil within the religion of Islam has declared World War Three ?

Why is it in our own country the security services has 3,500 Islamists on the security service's watch list. In France police say there are 15,000 ! Do not mess about with words, these are our enemies. Why are they allowed to roam about free ?  Why are we spending money and wasting time on these horrible people ?  We, as a society, should round them up and imprison them. Stop messing about.

Look at the kind of people this EVIL is targeting. Why are we allowing this to happen ? It will happen again and again and again. We all know that.

Have you heard a mosque near where you live speak out against the murders in Spain ? I have not.  Have you seen an Islamic preacher in your local media condemning the attack on innocent people ?  I have not. You never will.

If it were the Jehovah's Witnesses or Catholics carrying out terrorist atrocities would their religion be allowed to continue or would it be banned and made an illegal organisation ?  The answer is obvious so why do we allow this alien religion to continue ?  In World War Two what would have happened if women walked the streets wearing the Nazi Swastika ? So why do we accept it for Islam ?  The head covering, let's say what it is the rag-bag, is not part of our culture, it is a defiance of our culture and a representation of an evil which has declared war on our culture.


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