Thursday, 10 August 2017

I have put my money where my mouth is. I have joined the Conservative Party.

I've done it !  I have joined The Conservative Party. It's no good standing on the sideline shouting my mouth off I need to put my money where that mouth is.  I will not be appearing in the party's list of top donors but I have paid more than the minimum subscription to join.

We live in worrying political times.

There is The Witch of Scotland who will spare no effort and listen to no reason as she campaigns to destroy a beautiful land with calls for a second independence referendum.  Democracy counts for nothing in her vision, she will call for independence referendum after independence referendum as she seeks to ride her own inflated ego.

Meet Flight Sergeant Billy Ashford, my uncle, who gave his live at the age of 20 years in the service of his country. He was killed in a bombing raid over Germany on 8th March 1945. He, and so many others, we fighting for freedom and democracy.

Meet Billy's father, William Ashford, who served in World War One. He died a relatively young man from tuberculosis contracted while serving in the trenches of that Great War.

My father, now aged ninety-one, joined The Royal Air Force as soon as he reached the age of eighteen. He served within The British Mandate in Egypt then went to Palestine as part of the peacekeeping force at the time the
State of Israel was set up. Two of his best friends were murdered by Israeli terrorists while serving their country. Dad told me troops were told never to leave the base without a gun, danger lurked at every corner.

Meet Thomas Ashford. He was William Ashford's father's cousin. He is wearing two medals. One was awarded for service in The Second Afghan War. The other is The Victoria Cross awarded for bravery. Queen Victoria herself pinned it on his uniform.

I am proud that when their country called my family was not slow to do its bit in defence of our way of life, our democracy and our freedom.

Jeremy Corbyn, of course, would trash their memory. Fighting for one's country is not something he respects.

We have a prime minister who I am sure is a lovely lady but she is not a good politician. She is failing every day to stand up and protect our country from Corbynism. If that evil brand of socialism gets any stronger hold on our nation all of our history will be consigned to the rubbish heap.

Corbyn was once a national joke. Now he is a national threat to our way of life.

It is debatable which is the bigger danger to Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn or The European Union. The horrific dictatorship of the European Union has destroyed national identities in so many countries, it must not be allowed to destroy ours.

These members of my family did not serve their country for it to be dictated to by The European Union. We should stop talking to its dictatorship and walk away immediately.

Sadly, our prime minister is not strong enough to lead us out of this dictatorship. When it comes the time for her to be replaced I want to be a part of the democratic process to elect a new party leader.

It is not just Britain that faces the horror of Islam and its spread across the globe. Billy Ashford gave his life in World War Two,, William lost his life as a result of World War One. Islam has declared war on the world. How many more people will lose their lives in its acts of terror before our political leaders wake up to the threat it poses ?

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