Friday, 21 July 2017

We truly live in a silly world don't we ?

We truly live in a silly world don't we ?

I don't mean the political chaos I am always complaining about, I mean the lack of common sense that surrounds everyday life.

Within the OurRebekah project I am busting my fat rear end to co-ordinate I need to buy a traditional football, the traditional black and
white ball with pentagonal panels, for Sheffield Wednesday players to autograph.
Can I buy one ?  Can I heck !

Last week I want to Sports Direct, you would think this would be the obvious place to buy a football. Ah - NO !  I hate stores like this, B & Q, Asda, Bunnings - exactly the same, everything you can think of and nothing you want. Stores where you need a sophisticated satellite navigation system to find your way round.

I tried on-line.

AMAZON had the ball I wanted but out came deflated. Customer reviews were poor and indicated that when it was inflated it may not be actually round !

DW SPORTS list the ball as an accessory in their football section. DOH !

JOHN LEWIS had exactly what I wanted but the ball was very over-priced. You know John Lewis - never knowingly over sold ! Can you believe John Lewis then wanted to add another £2 to the price if I were to click and collect. Well Mr Lewis you can stuff that where the sun doesn't shine.

I still have not found the football I need.

I want to find two drivers for our THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE. I thought I would contact local companies.

What local companies ?

Every local 'bus company, every local haulage company, every local coach company has vanished !

We live in an upside down world don't we ?

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