Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Summer Of Love

In many of my stories I use quantum physics as a way to travel through time. You do not need to be Stephen Hawkin to believe that some how travel trough time and space are possible.

If you could travel through time and space where would you go ?

If you had THREE destinations you own personal TARDIS could transport you to what would they be ?

That is a question I pose at the end of my book QUANTUM MECHANICS A TRILOGY IN TIME.

It is now fifty years since THE SUMMER OF LOVE - 1967.  If you were not born or were not old enough to have experienced that time I feel sorry for you.

The Summer of Love, of course, centred on San Francisco but it was an international phenomena. 
1967 - England was the football champion of the world.

1967 - Pop music was at its best - nothing before or since can compare.

1967 - At the start of The Summer Of Love an arrogant teenager stuck two fingers up to school, walked out of the gates and into the adult world. That story is told in my book THE STORY OF A TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (Failed)
I never was a hippy - unfortunately. In 1967 I did  not go to San Francisco. In those days I was scared of flying and it was a long way to walk. I have been to San Francisco many times since but, I have to say, not in recent years.
I do not like cities, most cuties I hate but I do like San Francisco.


I am going back to San Francisco, probably in October next year. early autumn is by far the best time of the year to be in the city.


Why don't you come with me ?

We are planning something a bit special on The Golden Gate Bridge.

I am growing my hair and plan to become a hippy for my stay in The City By The Bay.

Come and be a hippy with me.
Let's ride a time machine back to that wonderful SUMMER of LOVE.

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