Thursday, 6 July 2017

I need more people to read my books !

Richard Branson you are a mean old sod aren't you ?

I spent £53.20 to buy a ticket to travel to and from London next week on one of your trains. You didn't spend £1.99 to buy an e-book download of my book.

You feature in the book you know.  We both had ideas for a record company, mine was called The Old Square Record Company - read the book and see what a brilliant name that was.  You decided to call yours Virgin - what a totally stupid name.

I didn't have the courage to fiddle the purchase tax like you did.  Your record company happened and mine did not.

So Richard Branson could not afford £1.99 to read my book - Oh dear, what a shame, never mind !

I do need to start selling some copies. that £53.20 spent on Virgin Trains is for a ticket to attend a meeting at Ronald McDonald House where I will be chatting about the OurRebekah project. The plan is to raise £34,000 every year to help Ronald McDonald support families of sick children in hospital. Every penny the project raises will go to Ronald, not a single penny will go in expenses.  Train tickets and other bits and pieces have to be funded out of my own pocket.

Richard Branson my pockets are not as deep as yours so I need to get my backside into gear, sell some of my books and earn a few pennies.

Writing has been a hobby for me since I was seventeen years old. I write fur fun and not to make any money. Well that was the way it used to be. I need to get my rear end into gear and start selling some downloads.

I thought it may help if I have potential readers an objective assessment of the books I have
on-line at the moment. So here goes.

I would personally rate this with two out of five stars.
If you are one of my former students this is the one for you to read.  If you think you were bad at school then see what an arrogant little S**T 
Sir was !

This is my schoolboy autobiography from my first teacher, aged five - Mrs Attwood aka The Atom Bomb to the summer of 1967 when an arrogant teenager walked out the school gates for the last time and took on the world.

THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY is available as an e-book on Amazon for £1.99 - one of my more expensive books !

Richard Branson the next book is the one you did not download, I guess you could not afford

This is a book I really like so I am going to be arrogant and give it four stars.  I would like to give it five stars but one has to temper arrogance with modesty a bit !

Arrogance is the theme throughout this book. This is the second of my autobiographies and tells of the two years I spent on leaving school taking on the world of business.

If you have £1.99 to waste, I mean spend, it is available as an e-book download.

Read and find out my plan for The Old Square Record Company. It was a much better idea than Virgin Records.
This is something I wrote for my son's 12th birthday.  I like it, not sure if he did.

It was the first book I ever had published.


Peter inherits from his great-grandfather a pen. When he writes with that pen it transports him to what ever time and place he is writing about.

If you know a twelve year old you may like to splash out 99p for him/her to adventure through time and space.
This is a bit of rubbish ! Spend £1.99 with Amazon and see just how big a load of old rubbish it is ! THE DIARY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE

The teacher training college I attended was located in Bletchley Park, the famed home of the code breakers.  NO I DID NOT TRAIN AS A TEACHER DURING WORLD WAR TWO, I was in Bletchley Park between 1971 and 1974.  I did know the park well and have set my story there.

If you are feeling VERY generous and don't mind reading rubbish this is the one for you.
This is another load of rubbish but it will only cost you 99p to download it from Amazon.

When I wrote this I wasn't so much trying to tell a story but to go on an ego trip.  As I went on that ego trip I wanted to inspire my readers to make their own trip through tie and space to, three trips actually, to places and times they would like to visit.

In the story I use quantum physics to explain that tie travel is perfectly possible.  I do not profess to understand anything about quantum mechanics but it is useful tool for a writer to play around with.


I am going to give this book four stars, perhaps it does not deserve so many but I like it. It
will cost you 99p with Amazon to find out if I am being generous to myself or over generous !


I popped a little survey on Twitter and asked my 16k followers what genre of story they enjoyed reading the most.  At the top of the list came historical drama with crime drama close behind. I had never written anything like that but decided to give it a try.  Within a few paragraphs I was in love with the genre.  I will most definately be writing more case files for Detective McDermott.

So what's next ?

Oh yes my over priced two short stories available from Amazon at 99p.


The Great Pretender is another play around with quantum mechanics and time travel.

The Diary Of A Slave Owner was inspired when some family research turned up a John Ashford who had been forced to sell his slaves when Britain abolished slavery.  It set me thinking that we should re-introduce slavery, not the way my ancestor knew it but a more modern version.   

If you download and read this book of two short stories I think you will actually agree that Britain should use slavery again !


This is one I like so I am going to give it four stars. Spend £2.99 - Oooohhh that is expensive isn't it - and you can read it yourself as an Amazon download.


Flight Sergeant Billy was my father's older brother. He was killed just weeks before the end of World War Two.  I never knew him but his memory was kept alive within our family, his picture was always on the wall and I felt I knew him.

Later when I was researching our family's history I was able to find out a lot of information about Billy's last flight.  I have taken the information, the family legend and my own imagination to write this imaginary interview.  I hope you find it of interest.

This is a bit NAF but it will only cost you £0.99p to read so give it a go.

This is the best story I have on line right now. 

It deserves five stars but modesty would only allow me to give it four !   Have you got a spare £0.99 to download this brilliance ?  or are you a tight fisted old sod like Richard Branson ? My hair is longer than his AND I don't have to dye it like he does ! AND I can afford a razor so I don't have a silly billy goat beard.

Anyway, let me tell you about my friend Di.

This is a story a child or teenager may enjoy but it is really a story for grown ups. It is an adult's view on a child's life. Di and his adventures are fiction but everything is based on experiences from my own childhood.

Try this one, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I could do with two hundred e-book downloads in a week.  Is that too much to ask for ?  Let's wait and see.

For the past two and a bit months I have been writing what I hope will be my best work so far - The Bridge House.  I am now working on Chapter Three.

The Bridge House tells of the times in which my grandmother lived. Chapter One opens in 1901 and the death of Queen Victoria. My grandmother, Lily, was eleven years old. Chapter Two covers the years of World War One, probably the greatest folly mankind has ever orgainsed. Chapter Three, which I am currently writing, deals with World War Two.

Lily lived through some very hard times and witnessed what have now gone down in history as major events. In telling this story I am not particularly wanting to guide my reader through a lime line, now am I wanting the reader to get to know the characters. What I do want to do is to help the reader understand hoe the characters felt in any given time or situation. The society into which Lily was born in 1890 and that she left behind when she died in 1984 are very different to that we know today.

The book will be finished and published in October.
And now for The Diary Of A Silly Old Man of which this is an entry.

I am eminently qualified to write this diary. I am old, I enjoy being silly and the last time I looked I was a man.

Are you familiar with the words of Alan Bennett ?  I have his History Boys and Lady In A Van on DVD. I have read his diary and feel his style of writing is rather similar to my own. NO, I am not claiming to have his writing abilities, far from it, but we appear to work in similar comfort zones.

I have never actually kept a traditional diary, writing daily into a book, but I do support my story writing with an on-line weekly page and a daily bog. I am not really keen on that word you know - BLOG - an Americanism cyber-speak word which really means web-log.  I don't want to write a web-log for goodness sake, sounds like a ship trying to navigate itself through something a spider has spun !  Ask yourself would Bridget Jones's Diary be the same if it was Bridget Jones's Blog ?   How about The Secret Blog Of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ ? NAF isn't it ?

Now speaking of Adrian Mole, he was a right character wasn't he ? I hope that some of my adolescence has not completely faded away and finds its way through the character of a silly old man as he writes what ever dribble falls off his pen into these pages.

I do intend to publish this diary but today's entry is just number forty-seven. I only began writing in April. Originally I thought I could publish the first year of entries, then I thought I could go for the first hundred. I am wondering if I publish the first fifty entries if that would be a little premature. Let me think it over.

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