Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I am riding in a time machine

Today's diary page is going to be a little bit different. It is 5.24am and here I am starting to
write the page. It will take me until 12 noon to finish writing.  Don't worry it is not going to be a million words long. You will understand as you read.

7.30am Just returned from shopping at Morrissons, my Visa debit card is £57 lighter. Will take me an age to put all that away.

Note the bottle of Lucozade.  All will be revealed as the morning progresses.
9.44am I have returned from the doctors after a simple blood test.

Confusion somewhere along the line. This diary entry no longer has its original purpose. Everything is a bit tits up.

Should I abort the diary entry and think of something different to write ?  What's with the bottle of Lucozade ?

OK, stick around and I will explain.

Four years ago a routine blood test showed my sugar levels to be on the high side of normal.  Note the word NORMAL.  I was then said to be type two diabetic.  I knew I was not but happy to go along with things as this gave me a bit of discipline in my eating and meant my doctor was keeping an eye on me.

I stopped eating sweets, changed to drinking only diet Pepsi or Coke and had Jake come to live with us so I could take a little more exercise with his daily walks.

The next year when my blood was tested the nurse said to me: You would not be diagnosed type two diabetic with results like these. Problem was I could not be UN-diagnosed. Not an issue, I liked the assurance of the yearly checks.

Things were ticking along nicely then at the time when I wanted to be a live kidney donor I
put out a very high blood sugar test.  My GP put me on medication to disperse the sugar in my system. Within days of taking these pills I was feeling sick and unwell. It was obvious what was happening, the pills were trying to remove excess sugar, there was no excess sugar in my system so the basic sugar I needed to go about my day was being dissolved and making me ill.  I stopped taking the pills and all was fine again.
Part of the yearly diabetic tests includes some special eye checks at the hospital. These have always shown everything to be fine. However, I was finding that my eyesight was deteriorating so made an appointment at the optician. Previously I had been to a supermarket optician but wanted something more personal so went to see a private, independent optician.

I am not surprised you can not see with these glasses, they are far too strong for you. You do not need glasses to drive.  I do not wear glasses any longer.

I explained this to my GP who said the change was down to sugar strengthening the eye's lenses.  I have the greatest possible respect for my GP, what he said made sense. There had to be something within my body that was causing my eyes to rejuvenate. 

As part of the tests for me to be a live kidney donor The Churchill Hospital at Oxford, one  carried out was a special blood test. Blood was taken. I had to drink half a litre of Lucozade then two hours later a second blood sample was taken.  The blood sugar in the first test
came out as normal. After half a litre of Lucozade it came out as below normal !  WEIRD !

The live kidney donor programme would not let me be part of the programme due to my erratic blood sugar levels but said the test needed to be repeated in three months time.  If the same result was produced I most certainly was not type two diabetic.

Today was the day of that test. Somewhere along the line there has been confusion.  I would bet it is my fault ! I miscommunicated the requirements from Churchill Hospital to my GP's surgery and obviously left out some important information.  I have had one blood test, have not drunk the Lucozade and will not be returning for a second blood teat.  I need to sort out exactly what is needed and request new tests.

The point of today's diary entry, therefore, has been a bit of a waste of time.

Hang on a minute. I know what is happening.

Medical tests tell me my heart, lungs, liver and kidneys are those of a man twenty years my junior.
My eyesight has changed for the better.

My body has decided it can process sugar properly and I am not type two diabetic.

You know what ?  The aging process has gone into reverse gear. BRILLIANT !  How long before I am a teenager again ?

I can not wait to look the way I was fifty years ago.

Watch out world a younger me is coming !  How fantastic it is going to be when I have the body of a seventeen year old and the life experience of a sixty-seven year old.

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