Sunday, 11 June 2017

Would you please read my teenage autobiography ?

There were three rules in my school.  Three rules which Headmaster Mr W A Simson enforced with a rod of iron. (Actually he enforced them with a rod of bamboo !)

The first was YOU WILL BE COURTEOUS. I was. I did not have a problem with that rule.

The second was YOU WILL USE COMMON SENSE. I observed that rule as well.

Things, however, were different when it came to rule number three. YOU WILL WORK.  I did not bother with that one.  I  wish now so much that Headmaster W A Simson had been clever enough to spot this arrogant teenager breaking his third rule every day of every week throughout the term.

Look at my picture.  That's me in my school uniform.  The arrogance can clearly be seen, it's there in an aura about me.  School uniform did not allow the wearing of a waistcoat. It was shirt, tie and blazer.  I wore, as you can see, a waistcoat.  I was constantly being told to take it off. It came off only briefly before being returned to my body. Sod the school uniform, if I wanted to wear a waistcoat I damn well would !

I am still a very arrogant person aren't I ?  But back to my breaking headmaster W A Simson's third rule.

YOU WILL WORK.  I was in the unfortunate position of being clever enough to be near the top, but not at the very top, of my year group without having to do much work. There were one hundred and twenty boys in my year group.  In the first year I came in third the end of year examinations. Second year fourth. Third year eighth - my parents went spare with me for that result !  Fourth year I was back to third.

When Headmaster W A Simson looked at the results he thought this particular arrogant little sod was doing well. Like hell he was !  I was coasting my way through school.  If only I had been found out, if only Simson had hauled me up and kicked my arse - LITERALLY - I could have done so much more with my life.

Those three school rules have since become part of my personal rules for life. For most of the time I apply them.  I hope that the rule I broke at school I do not break in my now aging adult life.

As I am about to embark on a new phase in my life can I ask you to read my schoolboy autobiography ?  Just go to Amazon and type in THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY.  Can I be very arrogant and ask you to spend one pound ninety-nine pence to buy the e-
book. If you read yesterday's diary entry you will see why it is important to me that you do this. I hope yoiu enjoy the book.

To close this diary entry there was an unwritten rule in my school. YOU SHALL BE ARROGANT.  I never, ever broke that rule and I never will.

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