Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Life is a Happy Meal - SO TUCK IN

Life is a Disco - SO DANCE !

How many times have I said that over the years  ?

It's the maxim by which I try to live my life. Part of my YouTube Channel is given over to some disco songs I particularly like.

I have also been known to say that Life is a ballet - SO POINT YOUR TOES.

Another bit of philosophy from the Silly Old Man is - LIFE IS A TYPO - THE MORE YOU MAKE THE BETTER YOU ARE LIVING IT !

I wonder, when it is time for me to shuffle off this mortal coil if my words of wisdom will live on or be forgotten.

Let me give you another thought. LIFE IS A HAPPY MEAL SO TUCK IN.

Mr McDonald - Ronald - has been filling my life over recent weeks. Yesterday I got out of bed at 2am and started working on the OurRebekah website. OK, I did take a few breaks during the day but did not finish the work until five in the afternoon. It is now 2.52am on Thursday morning and here I am, back at the laptop and rattling the keys to work on the plan to launch the website tomorrow.

I have never had a McDonald's HAPPY MEAL, my grandson will tuck into one even though I say he is getting too old for one. Truth is he likes the little toys in the box.  On one page of the OurRebekah website I put forward the suggestion that ALL meals sold within the Golden Arches are Happy Meals -they can be if you let them.

Life is a Happy Meal, of course it is but you have got to eat it in order to enjoy it.  There is little point in standing and looking at life, you have got to get in there and enjoy it.  Just like dancing or pointing your toes you have got to tuck in.

I once suggested to a group of my students that if life were perfect, if life were Utopia, it would be Hell.  If things in life did not go wrong now and then, if problems and challenges did not frustrate what you want to do then what is the point of that life ?

I also said to some students, I think I stood up one day in an assembly and lectured on the subject - Life can be a bitch !  When it is, clench your fist and punch it in the face !  I was speaking metaphorically, of course I was not advocating violence. You know what I mean.

Allow me to introduce you to my granddaughter Katherine, she likes to be called Katie but she will always be Katherine to me.  Aged five she is far too sophisticated to eat a Happy Meal. I took her to McDonald's and asked what she wanted to eat. She would have the same as Granddad - a cheeseburger without all the muck in it - PLAIN, just the burger, the bun and the cheese.

As we started to eat Katie, I mean Katherine, opened the bun and started picking off the cheese. "What's wrong with it, looks OK to me ?"

"I like my cheeseburger without cheese," she said.

Katherine, you wait until you are grown up, your silly old Granddad will take delight in embarrassing you with that !

But isn't there another life lesson here ?

I never have been able to understand why McDonald's destroy the taste of their food by slopping muck aka relish over it.   Muck on my cheeseburger is a big NO NO !  Some things in life are also a big NO NO and I would never let them anywhere near me.  But some times life will serve you up things you would rather not have, a bit like Katherine and the cheese in her cheeseburger.  You then follow Katherine's example, pick the cheese out of life, roll it up into little balls then put it aside.

Have a great day, take your Happy Meal and TUCK INTO IT.

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