Thursday, 8 June 2017

I was a coward and I am ashamed of my cowardice

Yesterday I attended a session to donate a pint of blood.  Staff within the donor system congratulated me for being a regular donor, this was my eighteenth session. 

This I find very, very embarrassing. I am not proud to be a regular blood donor, I am thoroughly ashamed this was only my eighteenth donation.

When I was a student the college matron received a badge for donating fifty pints of blood. She asked we students to become blood donors. I was a pathetic coward and refused to help save lives of people needing transfusions. 

If I had not been such a coward this would have been my 128th pint. That would be something to be proud of. 18th pint, I hand my head in shame.

Three weeks ago my daughter passed away. All of her life, thirty-fours years, she was in and out of hospital and received many blood transplants.

My cowardice prevailed.  I put forward every excuse why I should not become a blood donor.

I want to tell the world what I miserable coward I was.  PLEASE do not be a coward, please do not copy my example.

Eighteen pints, thirty-two pints short of achieving my own personal gold badge. February 2027, I will be 77 years old. 

Are you a blood donor ?

Do not be the coward I was for all those years.

Please donate a paint of blood three times a year.  Please help save lives. Please do not be the miserable coward I was for far too many years.

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