Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I may be an idiot but I have had a BRILLIANT idea

I have had an utterly brilliant idea ! A pure stroke of genius ! OOPPPSSS the arrogance is showing through. Before I share my genius I had better humble myself and talk about my FAILURE.
My publisher has changed the way book sales are shown. A pie chart replaces the familiar graph. But pie chart or graph look at it.  Things were ticking along Ok, then I started to promote my book THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY and everything bottomed out to zero ! We are now on Day Four of zero, zilch, nothing, nowt sales. That is embarrassing !
 NOBODY has kicked my arse as invited to on Sunday's diary entry.  Have I developed cyber BO or something ? Or am I just crap at what I am trying to do ?
My story The Bridge House is coming along GREAT, I am averaging one thousand words a day and am pleased with the way the draft is going.  ALL royalties and all PATRONS while I work will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses. I spent a couple of hours this morning setting something up on my YouTube Channel to help promote this book.
NO, this is NOT my brilliant idea - be patient will you !
Chapter One has an Italian folk song, Santa Lucia, running through it. Click the pic and see what I added to YouTube.

I do not lie, within thirty seconds of adding this to YouTube two people posted kind comments. TWO.
I then added Chapter Two.

No comments yet.  early days - I HOPE.

Now if I were one of the big bosses at McDonald I would be saying - this guy is a bit of an idiot !  How can he expect to raise support for Ronald McDonald if he can not even raise support for himself ?

Do me a favour - KICK MY BACKSIDE !

Read Sunday's diary entry and help me out will you ?

Ok what's the BRILLIANT idea ?
Are you sitting comfortably ?  Let me tell you.

The every first teaching job I had was at Chetwynd House Preparatory School for Boys in Sutton Coldfield.  I was in charge of PE and Games. When the school needed a music teacher the headmaster, knowing my love of music, put me in charge of that as well !  I spent two very happy years at Chetwynd House.

The Headmaster was Bill Coldrick who owned the school. Years later it was intended that when he retired I would take over as headmaster but my daughter's illness meant I could not make the commitment. When Bill retired he closed the school, sold the property off to a developer
and a housing estate now sits there. Bill was a graduate of Bristol University, he gave all his money - a couple of million pounds - to the university to buy a radio telescope.

This picture on the left is Bill Coldrich. He came to lunch at our home one Sunday, I remember him bouncing little Rebekah on his knee.

The picture on the right is the W P Coldrich Observatory.

I have often thought I would like to visit the observatory to remember my old boss and friend. My son is also a graduate of Bristol and recently said to me why don't you do it ?

I am spending time in Bristol this summer looking after my granddaughters so while there I intend contacting Bristol University and asking them if I can visit the observatory.
One of Rebekah's friends did something very special in paying for a star to be named after her.  There is now in the Stella Directory Rebekah Deer. How awesome to point the radio telescope at that star ?


I am sure Bill Coldrich would approve of that.

Then thinking on I have been wondering how I could use this experience within our project to help Ronald McDonald support families of sick children in hospital. I just could not see how the two could be brought together.

You know I must be thick !  I can't even promote my own stories and I can not see the obvious staring me in the face !  Perhaps my brain is fading with the years.

One of the projects I want to present to Ronald McDonald is called WATCH WITH A STAR.
Quite simply people pay to go to the cinema and then for a burger in McDonald's with a sporting, TV, political, musical star.  If Ronald gives the idea the thumbs up it will be dead easy to make happen.

I take photographs in the W P Coldrich Observatory, I can take the star Rebekah Deer and wind this into the WATCH WITH A STAR project.

I am not explaining this very well am I ?  You possibly think it is a bit silly but honestly it's not and I know it will enhance the project.
Yes, this is the Diary of a SILLY OLD MAN but this isn't silly !

What do you think ?

Help me add a bit of credibility to my genius idea, help me stop looking silly in Ronald's eyes, give my backside a kick.

Go to Amazon. Search for Things Were Different in My Day. Help me get that pie chart of my publisher of the bottom line.


OOPPSS..........just looked at YouTube.....

Those two videos THE BRIDGE HOUSE on YouTube are getting visitors.

See, perhaps I aint quite so silly afer all !


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