Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Head or Heart - which should control your life ?

A friend asked me yesterday if I thought people should rule their lives with their heads or with their hearts.  I thought for a moment, I reflected back on the many years I have had on the Earth then said:

I think you should lead with your heart and let your head catch up along the way.

Hey all you great philosophers - Plato - Aristotle - Socrates - none of you came up with anything quite so profound as that did you ?

To make this work a person has to have both a HEART and a HEAD -. not all of are blessed with both.  I would say that in my case the heart is stronger than the head or it could be that my heart can run faster than my head. Many, many times in my life I have messed up spectacularly but simply because my head could not keep up with what my heart had been doing.

Next Tuesday I have a meeting with the franchise owner and his head of marketing for five large branches of McDonalds. We are going to discuss my heart.  I am calling out to my head to catch up and help me prepare for this meeting. On Friday this week I have another meeting with some very special people, it is possible my head may not be needed to say anything at that meeting but I must make sure it is also in attendance and holding hands with my heart.

It is now more than a month since my daughter died. Her friends decided to set up a project to raise one thousand pounds for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Rebekah's name. Ronald McDonald is very special to Rebekah.

My head then kicked into overdrive and formulated a plan to find a way to make this ten thousand by mid October.  Rebekah's Friends, thirty-three supporters and a little bit from my heart and head have so far found just over eight hundred pounds. Ten thousand is not going to be an issue.

My heart then opened its big mouth again.

When Rebekah died she was thirty-four years old so let's raise one thousand pounds for every year of her life. An ambitious but quite logical target.  Now in a fast sprint my head raced to come up with ideas as to how that could be done. Just as it was about to put it's hand on my heart's shoulder and say I AM HERE my heart said two more things.

1. Let's make that thirty-four thousand pounds thing an annual target. Do it every year. Do it every year for the rest of my life.

2. My family has a history of longevity. My maternal grandmother died just a few weeks short of her one hundredth birthday. Assuming I can live to the same age and within the years to come hit that thirty-four thousand pound target each and every year ONE MILLION POUNDS can be generated.

I have two days before my meeting with Rebekah's friends and six days before I meet with these executives from a MocDonalds Franchise. My head has told my heart to sit down and take a rest while it works out a plan to avoid my looking a fool at both meetings.  My head has a plan to make thirty-four thousand by 19th May 2018, the first anniversary of my daughter's death. I am now very busy typing up that plan.

My diary is a bit diverse in content. In the previous entry I was doing my best to name and
shame a certain organisation. Before that I was talking about my story writing and visiting a radio telescope paid for by an old friend. Hang on and let me scroll down a few pages, see what I have been writing about:

10th June -. there was my seven year old grandson's view on politics.

15th May - I was talking about my holiday in Devon.

10th May - I was banging on about the forthcoming general election.

27th April - I was proposing we reintroduce slavery in the UK and make homelessness illegal. Oh that made you stop didn't it !  Well read what both my head and my heart were saying in perfect harmony on that day and I bet you everything I own that you will agree with what my diary entry says.

But back to today's diary entry, back to the two meetings I have coming up and back to my
heart and head racing one another.

Too many times in my life my heart has been way in front of my head.  Too many times my best intentions have not come to fruition. That can not happen now.


My heart is screaming that as loud as it can. The louder it shouts the more likely it thinks my head will agree.

My head has responded with a POLICY which I am putting on this diary page and will be inviting all who are coming to both meetings to read.  My head says if my heart works through the policy everything should be OK. (Eventually)

I do not believe in god but in do believe in Destiny. Many, many times Destiny - I always spell it with a capital D - appears in my story writing. Destiny I have felt many times tapping me on the shoulder and saying "Hey - this way"  but never more than I am feeling right now. The problem is my heart is always the one to communicate with Destiny, perhaps my head needs to listen as well.

Anyway, here is my head's contribution to OurRebekah. If you have any thoughts my HEAD will listen and make sure my HEART understands.
With that I'll sign off for today.

The programme has been set up in memory of Rebekah Deer, nee Ashford, who passed away on Friday 19th May 2017. The project is co-ordinated by David, Rebekah’s Father.

Rebekah spent much of her childhood in Guys Hospital, London, where Ronald McDonald House provided untold support for her family. Rebekah’s family was one of the first to be supported in England by Ronald McDonald. There are now 15 Ronald McDonald Houses up and down the country and 365 worldwide in 40 different countries.

The aim of the Our Rebekah Project is NOT to raise money itself but to support others who have fund raising projects operating and to help these different projects raise £34,000 extra cash every year, one thousand pounds for each year of Rebekah’s life. David is determined to live long enough to see the yearly totals add up to one million pounds.

At the centre of the support project is the website www.OurRebekah.com.  It is planned for this to become a forum for fund raising groups and a publicity tool. The website will operate a blog and will put forward different projects and resources which fund raisers for Ronald McDonald can take up.

Initially support will be directed via: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/OurRebekah 

It is up to Ronald McDonald how any money  is used. However, specific fund raisers may wish to ask Ronald to direct money to specific houses. Working with franchise operator Kaizen Restaurants support there is directed to the Oxford House.

Our Rebekah is not an organisation in its own right but an independent resource supporting Ronald McDonald House Charity specifically and Ronald's fund raisers in general. Our Rebekah will not handle money, everything will go via individual fund raisers or via JustGiving. No expenses will be taken from any money raised for Ronald McDonald, David will cover expenses himself via royalties from his stories written under the pen-name of Max Robinson.  NOTE: All royalties from the books The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating and The Bridge House will go entirely to Ronald McDonald.

The project will not ask any person, group or corporate body to give money or anything materially without receiving something in return. This could be as simple as an individual having some fun as they attend an event or a corporate body/celebrity receiving publicity. Physical items will be offered for sale or by auction.  It is important that everyone understands Our Rebekah will not ask for anything from anybody without offering something positive in return.

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