Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The people at Google don't really like this blog

The people at Google don't really like this blog.

They tolerate my writing each day but due to the fact that I insist on adding so many pictures the layout is not suitable for them to pop in adverts.

I don't have to pay for the use of Google's BLOGGER forum so I guess that is fair enough. At the end of the day why should Google allow me to write what I do each day without them making any money from it.

I am sure you recognise this man. His wealth is estimated at $62.8 BILLION - the guy is only 32 years of age.

You would think, would you not, that with money like that he could afford to buy some descent clothes to wear.

Do you have a Facebook page ?  After a long time rejecting it I gave in and set one up myself.  I have a lot of fun with it and have made friends in cyber space with lots of people from years gone by.

If as you read this you would like to be one of my FRIENDS on Facebook I would be please to say HELLO to you.

The adverts on Facebook I find frustrating and at times I post some sarcastic comments alongside them.  I keep getting adverts for Mercedes. My first comment was DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO WOULD DRIVE A GERMAN CAR ?  That did not stop them coming. Yesterday I posted WHY WOULD I WANT TO DOWNGRADE TO A MERCEDES. Let's see what that does !  But it is, of course, these adverts that have made Mr Z his billions.

I publish my books on Amazon.  I keep getting e-mails from Amazon urging me to promote my writing and sell more downloads.  AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY is the latest book I have added to Amazon.

You can download an e-book copy for 99p from which I make 84p and Amazon makes 15p.. Amazon has an annual turnover of $136 billion so the few sales I have achieved for this book will not have done a lot for its share price.

Yesterday I decided I would have a look at Amazon's system to promote my writing.  Maths was not my strongest subject at school so bear with me while I work this out.

I would have to pay Amazon $0.02 for every click someone made on their advert for my book.

Internet marketing works on a formula that one person in 100 will buy and on their 5th visit to a website. So I need 500 clicks to achieve one sale. 500 clicks cost me $10 - in real money that is about eight pounds. BUT I ONLY MAKE 84p FROM A SALE !

Wait for it - there is more !  I have to put up front $100 to fund the clicks to the Amazion adverts.

I know I am a silly old man but I aint that silly !

I wouldn't mind having a few extra pennies in my pocket but I would not want the wealth of Mr Z or Amazon's shareholders.

It is probably going to be quite a few months before I publish my next book on Amazon. I am about three quarters of the way through the first chapter of THE BRIDGE HOUSE and loving every word I write.

There will be five chapters in the story which is probably going to be about one hundred and seventy-five thousand words in length.

I intend to make a timetable to see how long it will take me to finish the book but it will most certainly be September at the very earliest. When it is finished I am confident it will be my best work so far.  I intend publishing it as a traditional book as well as an e-book. It would be great if it became an Amazon best seller, it has the potential if modesty will allow me to say so.

My plan is to finish the first chapter then to go back and add in sub plots at different points.  Right now the story is running too much in a straight line.

Chapter One covers the years of my central character Lily from 1901 to 1912. Chapter Two
will be from 1912 to 1918. Chapter Three 1918 to 1934. Chapter Four 1934 to 1945. Chapter Five 1945 to 1950 Chapter Six 1950 to 1984.  As you can see I have a lot to do.

This story is based on the life of my grandmother, the lady on the right of this picture. She was born in 1890 although my story does not begin until 1901. In this picture she is dressed in her overalls as a munitions worker during World War One. She is pictured with one of her sisters, Gladys better known as Glad who I need to weave into the sub plots of the opening chapter.

The picture on the right better represents my grandmother, she is there a teenager and at the point I have her in Chapter One. Sister Gladys, Glad, is the small child with her.

I never knew her looking like that, of course. this is how I remember my much loved grandmother.

When I began publishing my stories on Amazon my plan was to offer them free of charge on my own website then invite people who liked what they read to support me by buying an e-book download from Amazon. It did not matter if they had a Kindle or not, the 99p they spent would be a THANK YOU to me for the story.

It has not worked.

We are back to that marketing formula again - one in a hundred will buy and on the fifth visit to the website. My website is not getting the visitor traffic needed to make things work !

I plan for the next day or two to spend most of my time completely rewriting my website.  I have a strong social media following of about 20,000 so if I could get my website up to say 10,000 hits a week that would sell, let me do the Maths, 100 books a week. YEH I'd like a bit of that !  I bet Amazon would as well.


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