Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Is anyone there ? If so answer me !

Hello......can anyone hear me ?

I am from the wrong generation to make social media work. I am, therefore, rather proud that in four months of building up my social media in order to support mt story writing to have built up a following across the forums I use of some TWENTY THOUSAND. 

Here with Blogger I find my ego rising as I loo at just how many people read what I have to say each day.  Twitter standing at 16,200 and some two hundred and forty different items on my YouTube Channel.

Incidentally, apologies for the fact that Google can not get its geeky act together and format images properly on this blog. That's what happens to any organisation that has its head so far up its own arse a crap view of he world is presented.
Back to social media.  My very second item on YouTube was posted right at the start of my social media career on 2nd December 2016.

Do you know he is STILL not following me.

Of the twenty thousand I am wondering if any are alive - awake - real people ?????  I am guessing about thirty people will read this blog, it will be Tweeted to sixteen thousand plus people and even appear on my Facebook time line. 

If you are alive, awake or real answer me !

Watch this and respond.

Go to my website: www.patrioticpensioner.com and send me your request.

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