Friday, 12 May 2017

Have you ever had a parking ticket ?

It was a far greater writer than I will ever be who called traffic wardens ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST.

Just in case you do not recognise his picture it was Terry Pratchett who coined the expression.

They are not nice people are they ?  Traffic wardens I mean.  There must be a defect or two in their character to make them want to take up that form of employment.  Perhaps they were bullied as kids at school and they see their unfortunate employment as a way to take revenge. However you look at a traffic warden, I refuse to be politically correct and call them parking attendants - a bastard is a bastard no matter how you name him, there has to be something not quite right about them.

So have you ever had a parking ticket ? Were you hounded and bullied for your momentary peccadillo ?

I do not wish any fellow human beings any harm but there are some specimens of mankind I prefer to have nothing to do with, I think I would rather associate with a colony of rats than be in close proximity with a traffic warden. Vermin are far better company.

When it came to my writing, my first ever crime drama I took Terry Pratchett's thinking and used Angels Of The Anti Christ as the title for Dave McDermott's first case.

Acting Detective Sergeant David McDermott, newly appointed to Thames Valley Police's Major Incident Team, is set to investigate some particularly brutal killings of traffic wardens.

There are three cases in my book The Case Files of Dave McDermott. The first involves a serial killer targeting traffic wardens.  The second is a kidnapping and the third sets Dave, who is now a Detective Inspector, searching for a rapist.

I am determined to write more stories and to develop more crimes for Dave McDermott to solve. 

The three cases in my little book can be read by clicking the titles above. These are FREE on my website. If you like the stories you can support me by buying the e-book version from AMAZON - it will cost you the vast sum of £0.99 !

All of my books can be found on my new web page - LIBRARY SHELF.

Please check this out, have a read of Dave McDermott's Case Files and enjoy.

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