Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cameron The Flip Flop Years

David Cameron has spent £25,000 buying a shed in his garden which he plans to use as a place where he is going to write a book.

We have had Thatcher The Downing Street Years so now we are going to have Cameron The Flip Flop Years.

Here's Cameron's new writing den.   Is it worth twenty-five grand ?

My writing shed cost a lot less that that. However, David Cameron's writing dent has heating while mine does not, It's too cold to work from there at the moment so I am still working with my laptop on my knee in the sitting room.#

Perhaps I should take an electric heater down to my own writing den.

Most of my writing is not done direct to my laptop, I am never without my spiral notebook into which I scribble as and when ever I have some spare moments and thoughts come into my head.  I then type.

That's my writing shed on the right and my notebook on he left.
things up while watching TV or listening to music.

Right now I am typing up the first chapter of THE BRIDGE HOUSE, I am about half way through this opening chapter.

Chapter One is covering the years between 1901 and 1912, in my writing I am currently in August 1902 and the coronation of King Edward VII.  

I have everything i my head for this chapter, I just have to get the words into my pen, scribble them down into the notebook and finally type them into the laptop.

Chapter Two will cover the years 1912 to 1918. Chapter Three 1919 to 1945. Chapter Four 1945 to 1984.

The Bridge House is a story centred round my paternal grandmother, the older person in the picture on the left. It is not strictly a biography of her life, I have wrapped the truth into a blanket of fiction.

I am thoroughly enjoying writing this story which will be a full length novel. I am thinking it will take me until about August to finish it.

When the story is published I am hoping it will achieve many readers.  I am planning not to just publish it as an Amazon e-book but a hard copy paperback.

My diary - THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN was not intended for publication on Amazon but just to remain on my own website but interest has been quite significant.  

My first entry was made on Tuesday 11th April, less than a month ago.

I can hardly put that on-line as an e-book.  I am wondering about launching it on 11th October with the first six months.

What do you think ? How would it fare against David Cameron The Flip Flop Years ?

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