Saturday, 29 April 2017

Time to do the OK sign

Yesterday I took my grandson to London for a birthday treat.

He had never been on a train so we popped a bit of money in Richard Branson's pockets and whizzed down to Euston.

We went to The Tower of London - there were a couple of things I needed to do.

I wanted to check the accommodation was ready and waiting for Tony Blair and Gina Miller.

It was.

Within The Tower of London is the regimental museum for The Fusiliers. I wanted to see a medal  won by my great-grandfather's cousin, a medal which is on public display.

I felt to proud standing there with my grandson looking at The Victoria Cross won by my ancestor.

Adam had been given a camera for his birthday and was very busy taking photographs.

Thomas Ashford won his Victoria Cross for an incredible act of bravery in the Anglo-Afghan War. incredible bravery from an ordinary man.

Thomas never rose above the rank of Private. When he left the army he worked as a humble postman. Very few who knew him then were aware of his winning the highest award our country can bestow upon a serviceman.

Thomas Ashford was not a great man but a perfectly ordinary person who did something special.

It is people like Thomas who make a country great.  

You and I will probably never win the Victoria Cross, you have to be in the armed forces to qualify anyway, but every day of the week we can and SHOULD do something special to make our country better.  

If a situation arises where we are called, as was Thomas, to do something extra special then JFDI. 

I get quite frustrated when I hear people say MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN........

Excuse me......Britain IS great !  

We just need to open our eyes and see the ordinary men, women and children who every day are making it great.  The Thomas Ashfords of this world.

Finally yesterday grandson Adam was doing his best to teach his silly old granddad how to do the Donald Trump OK sign.

Make sure you do the OK sign every minute of every day.


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