Wednesday, 26 April 2017

This will make the liberal snowflakes piddle their pants !

I have just written a new entry for THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN.  There will soon be a
dramatic surge in the sale of washing powder across all supermarkets in the country as liberal snowflakes piddle their pants.  Listen carefully and you will hear their sad shouts on ill-informed objection when they find out I am making two suggestions for the future government of Great Britain.

I want to re-introduce slavery and I want to make homelessness illegal.

You can actually read the DIARY ENTRY and carefully consider what I am proposing, in which case I think you will say "That makes sense" or you can scream like an ignorant snowflake and start piddling your pants.
The choice is yours !

If you find you actually agree with what I am saying then please use social media to get more people to read the DIARY.

My story telling of Flight Sergeant Billy is now published as an e-book on Amazon.

Nobody has actually read it yet !

Can I ask
you to check it out and become Billy's FIRST READER ?

Words are flowing like crazy from my pen as I write my next story The Bridge House. Today, if all goes well, I will type up what I have so far scribbled into my notepad and you can check it out.

I am having fantastic fun writing this. While Billy's story took only five thousand words to tell I think the Bridge House is going to be a full-length novel of some quarter of a million words.

Billy's story is illustrated with photographs, some of which have been handed down to me in our family and some I took myself at the area which once housed his RAF base. The Bridge House is a story aimed at older readers and probably down not need any illustrations. However, many of my stories do and ALL need help with promotion.

Could you be one of my ILLUSTRATORS ?  Could you be my JDFI man ?

I'll leave things there for today.

One of my sons is stock and systems manager within one of our country's larger supermarkets. I'll give him a call and make sure he has lots of washing powder on the shelf !


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