Monday, 17 April 2017

The Hair Hasn't Changed

Yesterday the oldest person alive passed away at the age of 117 years. She was not the oldest person who ever lived, that lady in France made it to her 124th birthday. So I have a
little way to go yet !

She put her longevity down to what she ate, or rather what she did not eat as she had no teeth !

My family has a history of longevity, I am going to have to be the world's oldest living man if I am to complete everything I have right now on my list of jobs !

I know how this lady feels about her teeth, I have had some major dental surgery and am at the point where I will be discussing with my dentist the style of teeth I want. A friend of my family said: Do not let them give you BIG teeth.  I have decided what I want my dentist to do. I want teeth like those of the late, great Freddie Mercury.

You think I am joking don't you ?

Am I ?


On the subject of being silly you may like this.

In case you have not noticed today is MONDAY which means there is a new DIARY edition on-line.

As well as this daily blog I write a weekly DIARY so please have a look.

In this diary you will see that I am returning to write my story THE FIRES OF HELL I printed out the opening chapter of the story, a chapter which is rubbish, and have gone through the manuscript taking out the typos, rewriting certain parts and making it much better in every way.  I am now happy with the way it will look and am ready to write the full story.

Twice Destiny frustrated my plan for this story. yesterday the hand of Destiny tapped me on the shoulder and gave me two totally new ideas for stories, stories I had never considered but both I like and would
have a lot of fun playing around with.

Do is Destiny trying to stop me writing my satanic adventure in THE FIRES OF HELL ?

The first of these two Destiny generated ideas is for a story called THE BRIDGE HOUSE. 

This is my maternal grandmother, she lived with her mother, father and many brothers and sisters at The Bridge House in a Staffordshire village.

At the outbreak of World War One she went to Birmingham to do her bit for the war effort as a munitions worker.

She is pictured here, on the right, with the same and now grown up sister she has with her in the picture above.

I Birmingham she was billeted with a family which owned a small nail making business. Within this operation was a son who made the tools for the workers to produce the nails. However, by the time my grandmother, whose name was Lily, lived with the family he was in France fighting in the trenches.

After the war they were married.

Destiny has told me to write an historical drama based around Lily and her husband William.

For the past twelve years I have been, on and off, researching my family's history so I rather like the idea Destiny handed to me yesterday.

But destiny did not give me one idea, it gave me two.

1967 was for me a fantastic year.  It was the year I left school. I hatred every minute of my time at school.  One of my social media followers described his own school days as ALCATRAZ WITHOUT THE ROCKS.  That could well be said of my own time in a monochrome education system.

Those terrible days are told in my SCHOOLBOY AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

It is quite amazing that I ended up spending most of my life as a teacher.

I have assured my former students who are friends on Facebook that I have no intention of writing an autobiography of my life on the other side of the blackboard.  However, when Destiny tapped me on the shoulder yesterday it gave me a plot for a fictional autobiography, if there is such a thing.

The headmaster of the school I attended would stand up in assembly and proudly say ours was the best school in the town.  NO IT WAS NOT.  The man lived in a fantasy world.

In the days when i went to school to be a good headmaster three things were needed.

1. You needed to be a good organiser.  My schoolboy headmaster was that alright and it is something I am confident I have the ability for.

2. You need to be able to maintain discipline. Not rocket science although you would be amazed how many head teachers over the years have not been able to do this.  Both my schoolboy headmaster and yours truly would be able to achieve this.

3. You need to be a leader. My old headmaster was not a leader, he was a dictator.  There is a difference.  I think leadership should come fro the front.

In my teaching career my degree was not good enough to elevate me to a headship of a state school, it should have been had I worked harder and not coasted my way through those terrible schoolboy years. However, the first school I had worked at was a boys' independent school.  When the headmaster was wanting to retire the plan was for me to
take over as head. I think I would have made a good head but my daughter's long-term illness meant I could not give the commitment needed.

I have often wondered what my old school, Blodmere High School For Boys,  would have been like had I taken over when the headmaster I knew as a teenager retired.  Destiny is now telling me to stop wondering and write a fictional autobiography CARRY ON HEADMASTER.

AH !  Two new ideas from Destiny + The Fires of Hell + The Diary Of A Silly Old Man which is an on-going project AND the story I am writing for  my grandson  - Fireball XL5 !

Five different projects - Destiny don't be stupid !

I am not writing to make money, that I get from e-book sales on Amazon amounts to pennies BUT there is big money out there. This month Amazon has a fund of $17.7 MILLION which it will divide as bonuses between the top 100 US and to 25 UK read authors.  Yesterday I received an e-mail from Amazon asking me if I wanted to enter any of my books into the May competition for the most read.  The first prize is £20,000 !

My wife keeps asking me why I am not going after this money.    Setting aside the fact that I write, I have always written, for fun I am not chasing the money because I do not have time. I would not work on the five titles above simultaneously but I could turn out finished stories within a few, say six, months.  To win the prizes, to become a top-selling e-bay author I need help.

On this week's DIARY page I set out my need for an illustrator to work with me in order to enhance some areas of my writing.

I am not looking for a professional artist but someone who can have some fun drawing in the same way that I have fun writing the text.

I need someone who has the same attitude as I do, this is for fun - if any money comes along as well that would be great.

Then I need someone who will work we me to promote the stories across social media.  I am pleased with what I have achieved on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger but I am of the wrong generation to make everything work to its maximum potential.

Again I am looking for someone who wants to have a bit of fun.

IF I then win any prizes from a generous Amazon I will share the cash between myself, my illustrator and social media manager.

Destiny has been a bit difficult with me, frustrating my plans for the Fires of Hell story then pushing two other ideas my way - ideas I like and would very much like to take up.

So Destiny are you going to bring the right people my way ?

Lurking within my social media, followers, contacts and friends are there illustrators and the right person to help me out ?

Is this going to happen soon ?

Or do I have to wait until my 117th birthday.

The hair has not changed, as yet it has not gone grey. It would be nice if this came about before it did !

Over to you Destiny.

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