Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Good - The Bad and The Ugly !

A thought for all my readers and my social media followers - LIFE IS A LOT MORE FUN WHEN YOU ARE SILLY.

Allow me to introduce you to my best friend Jake. That picture was taken last Christmas. Jake came to live with my wife and I three years ago after my daughter persuaded us to adopt him from a rescue centre.

How he has changed our lives !

He never leaves my side.  The love he shows towards us both I never thought any animal would be capable of giving.  He can not speak English but his comprehension of the language is amazing. One particular word he understands is McDonald's.

So here is the GOOD - something SILLY Jake and I did last week.

Now for the BAD.

The picture speaks for itself.  But the disloyalty of Morrisons to its home nation is not what I find bad.  I put this on Twitter yesterday and thought many hundreds of people would re-tweet it.  Not a single one did !

Allow me to play this for everyone.  This is not one of my YouTube videos but something a friend showed to me.

Finally the UGLY - That's me.

Just look at what the years have done to me. My family has a history of longevity and a series of recent medical tests have shown I have the vital organs of a man twenty-five years my junior.  Very nice but look at what has happened to the outside bit.  Sat I live another thirty-five years, which is quite likely, WHAT ON EARTH WILL I LOOK LIKE THEN !

I am working on my new diary page which I will publish tomorrow. As well as this daily blogger I publish a weekly DIARY. This is there for the readers of my STORIES

Each month Amazon sets up a prize fund to pay bonuses to its best selling e-book authors. The payout fund for the next bonuses is - wait for it - $17.7 MILLION.  In real money that is about £13,000,000 !  This is divided within categories among the top 100 USA and top 25 UK writes - an average of £104,000 EACH.

Obviously I am not one of the top 25 UK selling Amazon authors.  I doubt I am even in  the  top 1,000 !

I have for a long time been thinking I would sell more books if they were illustrated. Certainly my stories:


would look better in their e-book form if they were illustrated.  So I am starting a search for some friends across my various social media platforms who would like to work with yours truly aka THE SILLY OLD MAN and have some fun enhancing my writing.

I started writing when I was a teenager, the way I looked in the FIRST picture and the image I use for my Max Robinson Pen name logo.

I wouldn't mind having a share of that $17.7 million bonus pot. I write for fun not for money but WOW there is a lot of cash on offer. If I can find an illustrator, or even more than one we would share any prize money.

William Shakespeare I am not. Don't particularly want to be in actual fact.  I write for fun and as a hobby so if I had an illustrator or illustrators working with me I would not be looking for Rembrandt or what's the name of that guy who cut his ear off ?  Yes, Vincent van Gogh. I would want to work with someone who has the same outlook as myself.

For an old boy who is completely from the wrong generation for social media I think I am not doing a bad job but when I put my Silly Old Man film - JAKE GOES TO McDONALD'S on YouTube it has so far achieved just 8 views. I would have thought it could have done better than that.  That picture about Morrissons I put on Twitter was not even re-tweetd once !  I am wondering if there is someone within my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Blogger readers and YouTube viewers who would care to work with me and use social media to promote my stories.  Again I would share the prize money with such a person.

If my stories were to appear in the top 25 UK writers there is more than £100k available every month.  Nice dream - or coud it become a plan !

Happy Easter:

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