Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Geriatric DJ is messing me about !

The Geriatric DJ is messing me about !

As well as this daily blog I publish a weekly DIARY  The diary started way before this blog did..  Normally I start work on the new edition on a Wednesday then work to have it ready to publish on Sunday evening.

Last week I was so consumed with playing music on my YouTube Channel in the persona of The Geriatric DJ that come Sunday night only a few words had been written.

I have always been an early riser but today was out of bed and at the laptop for 3.30am to write the Diary.  It is on-line but a mess.  I will go back and tidy the page up in a moment but for now I had better let  the DJ play the music he added to YouTube  yesterday.

On the Diary I say that it will take until my 100th birthday for me to work through my list of jobs to do ! Thinking ahead to that day I pose some interesting questions:

Somebody, somewhere within the year 2050 will be saying it is time to make Britain great again. If not specifically these morons there will be others doing their best to stop that happening.

The thing is IT HAS HAPPENED, in spite of all those who would like to smash it down Britain is a wonderful country. Where you live is ALSO a wonderful country.

Think on this for a moment:

Do you agree ?

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