Thursday, 27 April 2017

The fat lady is about to sing.

I am not a lady !

I can not sing !

Well one out of three is OK isn't it ?

Can not give you any more details until the fat lady sings but I have found the JFDI guy to help promote my stories. Just need now to find an illustrator.

Could that be you ?


I had been getting a bit frustrated each morning checking my Amazon e-book sales which day after day were at ZERO.   I have been waiting for an e-mail from Amazon to give my backside a kick. After all even if I am into writing stories for fun Amazon is in it for profit.

Then YIPPEE DOO ! Look what happened overnight.

I am guessing this spike is down to AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY being published. e-book version CLICK HERE

No matter what it will keep Amazon happy and has set me up for the day.

I am still typing up the introduction but am excited about my next writing project THE BRIDGE HOUSE - I can not get the characters and plot out of my head.

This is going to take between 150,000 and 250,000 words to write so it is going to be a lengthy project.

Are you checking the entries I am putting into THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN ?

I am having fun at the moment writing my own manifesto for the coming general election. It's pretty right wing - did you know right wing means COMMON SENSE ?

You read my diary and see if what I am saying makes sense.

Right, I'll leave it there for today. Got to go and make sure the fat lady has her song sheet ready.


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